CNN Finally Admits Truth About Russian Collusion Hoax!!!

The pathetic lying weasels over at CNN are finally admitting what we have known all along: the supposed election collusion between Trump and Putin was a massive scam perpetrated by the Clinton Campaign, the Democrats, the Deep State intelligence agencies, and the lying legacy media! We are going to see what the REAL consequences of the Durham report are for both the Deep State and the legacy media, and why it ultimately guarantees their inevitable demise.

– CNN admitted that the Russian collusion narrative was a lie.

– Hillary Clinton’s plan to link Trump to Russia was briefed to TOP OFFICIALS!!

– The crisis of legitimacy in the government is worsened by the Russian collusion fiasco!

CNN, the most distrusted name in fake news, has now admitted that the Russian collusion hoax that they peddled for the entirety of Trump’s presidency was a lie.

The John Durham four-year investigation into the Russian collusion hoax has definitively concluded that the Crossfire Hurricane investigators did not and could not corroborate any of the substantive allegations contained in the Steele dossier, which is the fabricated dossier that was put together at the behest of British Spy Christopher Steele that detailed all of these salacious accusations about Trump. Nor was Steele able to produce corroboration for any of the reported allegations, even after being offered $1 million or more by the FBI for such corroboration.

The FBI paid these guys our tax dollars for this Russia Collusion hoax! We now know that back in March of 2017, the FBI didn’t just learn about Christopher Steele’s dossier against Trump, they also discovered that Igor Danchenko was Christopher Steele’s primary source for all the fabricated stories that made up his dossier on Trump. In their corrupt wisdom, the FBI signed up Danchenko as a paid informant as a confidential human source knowing that he would be feeding them lies like the lies he was feeding Christopher Steele.

This is all happening while we’re learning that the top people at the FBI were using the fraudulent Steele dossier, which they knew was a fake, but they used it as evidence to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump. The FBI paid for Danchenko to continue to feed them Russian disinformation to frame the president for colluding with Russia. The man who was responsible for all of the disgusting, salacious lies about Trump contained in that fabricated dossier was a paid informant for the FBI.

Our tax dollars paid him to frame our president. Durham, in a far more measured way, concluded that there was simply no amount of evidence that was even remotely proportionate to the allegations against Trump, and therefore, the FBI was wrong in opening up a full-fledged investigation into Trump, which entailed of course all the spying and the ongoing leaks and disinformation campaign.

In the end, Durham confirmed this was all fabricated by the Clinton campaign, and it was all dutifully and zealously reported on with not even a shred of skepticism and investigative integrity by outlets like CNN and MSNBC and the whole of the legacy media. But wait until you hear who knew about all of this, long before it all happened, the Durham report got into that as well.

According to the Durham report, Hillary Clinton’s plan to fabricate a story linking Trump to Russia was briefed in August of 2016 by then-CIA Director and now-MSNBC zealot John Brennan to President Obama, FBI Director James Comey, and Joseph Biden. It will be interesting to see if the Republicans in Congress or Republican DAs across the country grow a spine and begin the process of indicting these clowns.

President Trump reacted to the report; taking to Truth Social he wrote, ‘WOW! After extensive research, Special Counsel John Durham concludes the FBI never should have launched the Trump-Russia Probe! In other words, the American Public was scammed, just as it is being scammed right now by those who don’t want to see GREATNESS for AMERICA!”

James Woods tweeted, ‘She was within inches of stealing the presidency of the United States while running the biggest election fraud in history.’ Bill Maher said in his interview with Dr. Phil that Trump was so bad because he refused to concede the election. The reason why Trump is worse than anyone else in the DC swamp is because he refused to concede the election according to leftists like Bill Maher.

We must ask people like Bill Maher what Hillary and Comey and Brennan are all doing in continuing to perpetuate this lie. They knew it was a lie deliberately to undermine Trump’s presidency. They’re all liars and they participate in collusion behind the scenes. According to Maher, this lying collusion is perfectly acceptable.

The lasting consequence is perhaps the most ironic justice we could ever ask for. In the end, as a nation we are going through what’s known as a crisis of legitimacy. We have to understand that the stability of any government rests on a concept that Weber referred to as ‘legitimation.’ From Weber onwards, nation-state scholars have observed that the key characteristic of the modern state is the monopolization of violence within a given territory. As such, the nation-state is the symbol of ultimate authority, with no power or principality, secular or religious, above it.

The only way that such an entity functions outside of tyrannical control is through the process of legitimation. This is the ability of the state to persuade the majority of its citizens of its trustworthiness. The people would need to believe that the various administrations, institutions, and branches collectively work for the good and the favor of the vast majority of the people. The moment that confidence erodes, the stability of the government is in trouble. This is what we are seeing.

What we are seeing coming out of this Russian collusion fiasco is a furthering crisis of legitimacy that is bringing down the ruling elite. It’s not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when. When all is said and done, and when this ruling elite does finally come crashing down, perhaps we’ll have CNN, the most distrusted name in fake news, and their blatant program of lies and disinformation to thank.

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