CNN Anchors Confused By Their Own Poll!

CNN had a shocked reaction to their poll showing Trump crushing Biden in the general election!

– Recent polls indicate a significant shift in Trump’s favor, showing him leading Biden after a 16-point swing in Trump’s favor.

– Trump has gained support among various demographics, including younger voters, Black voters, Latino voters, and non-white voters.

– The Republican Party’s future success depends on embracing Trump’s leadership and the new populist coalition.

They are spinning this poll in their headlines: Trump ‘narrowly’ leads Biden. This same poll had Biden up by 12 going into the general election. The same poll and methodology now shows Trump leading by 4! This is a 16-point swing to Trump.

The internals of the poll are brutal for Biden. Voters under the age of 35, the ‘younger voter’ demographic shows Trump winning, 48% to 47%. Trump is winning among a demographic that voted 65% for Biden in 2020. With Black Voters, Trump is coming away with 23% support, which is double what he got in 2020. With Latino voters, Biden barely squeaks by with 50% support to 46% again. This reflects a 10-point surge for Trump among Latinos since 2020. Among non-white voters, non-white men now favor Trump, 49 to 46. 51% of voters across the country said that there is no chance at all they will ever vote for Biden in 2024.

Trump can inspire massive enthusiasm among voters, whereas both Biden and the Republicans without Trump on the ticket, struggle in that capacity. This poll is brutal for Biden, and it is the fourth poll over the past week that shows Trump running away with this. All the media outlets were panicking over the latest New York Times poll that showed Trump leading Biden in five of six critical battleground states.

The latest CBS poll has Trump beating Biden 51 to 48. Trump is winning the popular vote in these polls. It’s not just the battleground states, Trump is winning the popular vote. The new Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll has Trump leading Biden in the swing states by an average of 4 points. The latest Morning Consult poll has Trump up by 2.

Trump also just picked up his latest big endorsement. The whole of the Maricopa County Republican Committee in Arizona announced that they have unanimously endorsed President Trump for the Republican nomination, and they are calling on all of the other republican committees across the state to do the same, which they most likely will. This is what the DeSantis shills do not understand about the dynamics that are defining this upcoming election.

As they were all taking to Twitter last night trying to blame Trump for the Republican losses in the off-year election, CNN dropped this poll showing Trump crushing Biden, particularly in the internals. DeSantis is not getting that kind of non-white or young voter support. They drop this poll in the middle of DeSantis supporters trying to blame Trump, only to show that the real reason the Republicans did so poorly yesterday is because they are Republicans.

If the Republican leadership embraces Trump the way they unfailingly embraced Reagan, we are going to see landslides at all levels like we never imagined. This is the new coalition. The new populist coalition promises a Republican supermajority for the foreseeable future if the Republican leadership finally gets out of its way!

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