Clinton CAUGHT RED HANDED Trying To INFILTRATE Trump Servers!!!

We are going to take a break from the amazing Freedom Convoys in Canada and around the world to focus on the sleaziest of sleazeballs in American politics; the Clinton cabal. We now know that Hillary Clinton’s corruption goes even deeper than we imagined! As you may have heard over the weekend, the Durham investigation late last week submitted a court filing that alleged that the Clinton campaign did indeed pay a technology company to infiltrate servers belonging to Trump Tower and later the White House for the express purpose of linking Trump to Russia. Astonishingly, only Fox News is reporting on this! This story has been blacked out in every other major media outlet, even though it’s a bombshell story! I mean, this makes Watergate look like a fraternity prank by comparison! So we’re relying on Fox and the British media for the details.

Back in December of last year, another court filing revealed that the Durham probe was indeed investigating Hillary Clinton. This court filing is about a concern that there’s a conflict of interest in the representation of one of Clinton’s cronies who’s been indicted. That person is, of course, Clinton’s operative Michael Sussman. Sussman was one of Clinton’s attorneys who helped to arrange the financial transaction between the Clinton Campaign and the Steele Dossier, that had all those salacious and fabricated details about Trump in one his past visits to Russia that Putin was supposedly using as blackmail against Trump. So Sussman was the middle man, as it were, between the Steele Dossier and its financing, its payment; and was indicted in September of last year. But it turns out that Sussman did a lot more than that!

Apparently Sussman met with tech executives, where they discussed infiltrating servers in Trump Towers and then later in the White House in order to try to pin Trump to Russia. According to the former Director of National intelligence, John Ratcliffe, who has been meeting with Special Counsel John Durham, the original purpose of the Russian collusion hoax was a deliberate attempt by Hillary Clinton to distract the public’s attention away from her email scandal that was rocking her campaign! So it was a clear ‘wag the dog’ attempt, I would argue very similar to what sleepy Joe is attempting to do with Russia. Russia is a wag the dog attempt at distracting us from Bumblin’ Biden’s failures at literally every level of society!

After Hillary lost in 2016, the Russia hoax became a way of delegitimizing Trump’s presidency, a hoax that the mainstream media all-too gleefully signed onto! But now, with this latest bombshell, we’re seeing just how far the Clinton campaign was willing to go to bring Trump down, they were even willing to pay a tech company to hack into the computers in Trump Tower. Then, and of course, this is the treasonous part, they paid a tech company to hack into White House computers! For his part, President Trump released an official statement in response to the findings, saying that the latest court filing provides quote “indisputable evidence that my campaign and presidency were spied on by operatives paid by the Hillary Clinton Campaign. This is a scandal far greater in scope and magnitude than Watergate and those who were involved in and knew about this spying operation should be subject to criminal prosecution. In a stronger period of time in our country, this crime would have been punishable by death.” In other words, hacking into the White House servers for the express purpose of trying to bring down a duly elected president is a treasonous offense again, this is why this makes Watergate look like a high school prank by comparison!

Now I mentioned that this is not the first time that Durham indicated that Hillary Clinton and her campaign are indeed being actively investigated! Back in December, there was a similar conflict of interest filing submitted, and that means that the person like Sussmann who’s being indicted is being represented by a lawyer who works for a firm that’s representing another person who’s possibly going to be indicted, and that represents a conflict of interest. I don’t know all the legal nuances to be able to go beyond that; but we saw something similar in December. Thus far, John Durham has indicted two individuals: we have one indictment from the side of the person who fabricated the dossier, that’s the Russian ex-pat Igor Danchenko, and one indictment from the side that helped to finance the dossier, and that’s the Clinton operative Michael Sussman. Back in December, after Danchenko, the guy who fabricated the dossier, was indicted, Danchenko got a new lawyer. His two other lawyers, for whatever reason, dropped the case; he just got a new lawyer by the name of Stuart Sears. Now, according to Durham’s filing back then, the law firm that Danchenko’s lawyer belongs to that law firm, this is from the court filing: “In addition to their representation of the defendant, a separate lawyer at the firm is currently representing the 2016 ‘Hillary for America’ presidential campaign(ie the ‘Clinton Campaign’), as well as multiple former employees of that campaign, in matters before the Special Counsel!’

According to this latest filing, the Clinton Campaign and its employees are currently subject to matters before the Special Counsel! That was back in December! That filing made clear that Hillary Clinton and her surrogates were being investigated in some way, shape, or form by John Durham! It says it right there in the filings! And this is why Durham filed for a potential conflict of interest; at least in part because if the Clinton Campaign is called to testify at Danchenko’s trial, they can’t be cross-examined by a lawyer whose own firm represents the witness; it’s considered a conflict of interest! But the key here is that that filing made it absolutely clear that members of the Clinton Campaign are currently subject to quote ‘matters before the Special Counsel’!

And now we’re seeing the fruits of that investigation with the revelations that the Clinton campaign paid a tech firm to infiltrate Trump’s computers both in Trump Tower and later in the White House for the express purpose of bringing down a duly elected president! So I don’t think there’s any coincidence in the time of this revelation here. Hillary has been running around stoking up media interest that she’s going to run again in 2024; and I think that this is a very clear message from the establishment, whether Republican or Democrat, for her to take a hike! The days of the Clintons are over, and the establishment is firing a clear shot across the bow that Hillary had better ride off into the sunset and throw away her ridiculous presidential ambitions! At least, that seems to be the most plausible explanation to me at this point! If that’s the case, then I don’t think Hillary will be indicted; if she plays ball, and walks off into the sunset, the Deep State will leave her alone, unfortunately, but that’s how the permanent political class works! But if she keeps pushing this 2024 comeback nonsense, all bets are off! So we’ll certainly keep an eye on how things develop here, but there’s no question: the Clinton cronies are indeed one of the most corrupt forces we’ve seen in modern politics, and these revelations are just going to further exacerbate the divide between the people and the swampiness of our permanent political class!