Chris Christie BOOED On Stage Led to Lashing Out at Audience!

Chris Christie was digging his own political grave deeper and deeper with every sentence. We are going to see the latest on this single-digit midget meltdown and why this guarantees that the Trump takeover of the Republican Party will succeed in full.

– Chris Christie was booed during a presentation at the Freedom Summit gathering in Florida.

– Christie’s unfavorable reputation includes leaving office as the New Jersey governor with the lowest approval rating and having an unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign.

– RINOs are contributing to the rise of Trumpism within the GOP, as their actions created social conditions that allowed the patriot movement and Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party to gain strength.

The reprehensible RINO Chris Christie was in Florida over the weekend. Speaking at the Freedom Summit gathering, Christie was mercilessly booed throughout his lame and pathetic presentation. He ended up lashing out at the audience, for which the ultra-leftists at MSNBC cheered him on. This is the utter incoherence of a Chris Christie campaign. How could he plausibly campaign for the Republican presidential nomination when his talking points are identical to those of the far left? It’s utterly incoherent, and Trump also called him out on it:

What we have to understand, what we all just saw with Chris Christie, was so much more than someone committing political suicide up on stage. Christie has been out of office for five years, and he left office with the lowest approval rating ever of any governor of New Jersey. He tried to win the nomination in 2016 to no avail. He was one of the first to drop out and endorse Trump, but Trump of course never rewarded him for it or gave him a job. Christie in turn became a rabid never-Trumper and quickly became one of the darlings of CNN.

His arguments against Trump have all been exhausted. It is beyond tiring or tedious at this point. Trump gave an example of a successful campaign effort. On the same stage we just saw Christie meltdown, Trump brought to the stage all the Florida lawmakers who flipped on Desantis and endorsed him. This happened right after DeSantis spoke. This was a power move on the part of Trump.

The Republican establishment refused to talk about the issues that voters are most concerned about such as illegal immigration and border security, globalism, the shipping of manufacturing jobs overseas, wokeness, and the disparaging of our culture and American uniqueness. That refusal to address the issues that voters cared most about opened up the opportunity for a candidate like Trump to come in.

In Europe, the amount of ‘third parties’ formed has increased by 300% over the last 10 years, and their representation in their respective parliaments has grown by a proportionate 300%! In many respects, Donald Trump was a third-party candidate who back in 2016 won a major party nomination. As much as RINOs like Christie want to whine and complain about the rise of Trumpism in our politics today, in many respects, they only have themselves to blame. In disenfranchising so many voters, RINOs created the social conditions that all guaranteed the rise of the patriot movement and Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party. The beauty of it all is that the more these RINOs lash out against the GOP grassroots, the more powerful the patriot movement becomes.

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