China SHAMES Biden on The World Stage, U.S. Strength in Tatters

The difference in approach between the Trump and Biden administrations concerning China is a glaring one. Trump exhibited a robust and assertive stance, prioritizing America first interests and employing tough trade measures to ensure just that, while Biden’s approach has been marked by hesitancy, multilateralism, and a lack of clear direction, allowing China to snatch the upper hand in crucial diplomatic exchanges.

During his tenure, Trump’s presidency marked a significant shift in U.S.-China relations. He prioritized American interests, addressing issues such as trade imbalances, intellectual property theft, and unfair trade practices head-on. Trump employed tariffs strategically, leveraging them as a tool to negotiate and achieve more equitable trade agreements.

Trump’s administration stressed reciprocal engagement, urging China to match the U.S.’s actions and commitments. This approach effectively challenged China’s unfair trade practices and encouraged a level playing field for American businesses. The administration’s negotiation strategies were clear and results-oriented, consistently placing America’s interests at the forefront.

On the other hand, Biden’s approach has squandered every bit of brute respect earned during the Trump era.

China’s refusal to reciprocate visits from senior U.S. officials under Biden’s administration reflects their perceived respect for our nation. This perception stems from a weakened U.S. stance by the world, contrasting sharply with the fearlessness displayed by Trump in asserting America’s dominance on the global stage.

In summary, Trump’s presidency marked a departure from traditional diplomacy, embracing a strong and assertive approach towards China. Conversely, Biden’s administration has displayed bluffing and equivocation, leaving zero room to pave the way American interests and asserting U.S. dominance on the international stage. The contrasting approaches underline the immediate need for Trump re-election if our nation wants to stand a chance against the hyenas circle America’s nearly dead carcass.

Preston Parra is a Contributor for Turley Talks.

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