Central Bank Digital Currency BANNED by House GOP!

We have some breaking news in the pernicious realm of CBDCs, or central bank digital currencies. We are going to take a look at the huge development and what it means for our economic freedom moving forward.

– The House Financial Services Committee passed a bill that bans the Federal Reserve from creating a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

– The legislation, known as the Central Bank Digital Currency Anti-Surveillance State Act, gained support from Republicans and faced opposition from some Democrats on the committee.

– The World Economic Forum (WEF) is involved in plans to use digital currencies to track and control consumer purchasing patterns to align with their environmental goals.

It has just been announced that the House Financial Services Committee has just passed a bill that officially bans the Federal Reserve from creating a Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC. With the autocratic Biden administration, things have been developing at an alarmingly rapid pace with regard to the development of CBDCs. It started with a sweeping executive order from the Biden Administration, and now central banks are even hiring for their development.

If this congressional bill has anything to say about it, those days are over. The bill is dubbed the Central Bank Digital Currency Anti-Surveillance State Act. It won support from Republicans and drew opposition from some Democrats on the committee. The legislation would block the Fed from issuing a CBDC directly to individuals, “ensuring the Fed cannot mobilize itself into a retail bank able to collect personal financial data on Americans.”

It also blocks the Fed from indirectly issuing a CBDC to individuals through an intermediary. Additionally, the bill prevents the central bank from using any CBDC to implement monetary policy. The legislation will now go to the floor for a full vote before the House. This is a huge step forward in pushing back against the ominous encroachment of the growing police state that we see developing in the West today.

The key to understanding the nature of CBDCs is understanding their relation to another set of letters: ESG. ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance criteria, and it refers to scores that corporations get about those three areas so that investors can show they are investing in companies that advance leftwing social justice goals, which include green energy, racial equity, and abortion access. It is an attempt to pressure companies to become more woke.

Many have noticed that the ESG scores are eerily similar to China’s social credit system. This system is of course a technocratic project that seeks to control human behavior to ‘maximize’ safety and sustainability. It’s now widely recognized that the leaders at the WEF are actively designing and seeking to implement the architecture of just such an internationalized social credit system. What we have to understand is that technocrats, by their nature, control. These technocrats oversee a globalist system which is a vast interlocking mechanism of technology and telecommunications that creates a single worldwide political and economic system. Globalism is ruled by technocrats. Technocrats, like technology itself, are all about control and management.

The social credit system is a technocratic project that seeks to control human behavior to ‘maximize’ safety and sustainability, particularly ecological sustainability. This is precisely where CBDCs come in. The WEF is currently collaborating on plans to institute digital currencies to be able to not just track but ultimately control the purchasing patterns of consumers. The key here is that with the WEF’s apocalyptic environmentalism, where they actively believe that your consumption choices can destroy the planet and life as we know it, the WEF believes that they are completely justified in deliberately controlling what’s called your life chances. Life chances involve your access to employment, education opportunities, finances, and banking.

Central bank digital currencies are crucial to controlling your life chances, and controlling life chances is crucial to controlling your impact on the environment. This is where CBDCs fit into this overall Orwellian scheme that the WEF and tyrannical technocrats have for our world. The good news is that the people are on to it. The blowback against this is enormous, and it’s growing by the day. We will make sure to keep a close eye on this bill, and hope to see a full ban on Central Bank Digital Currencies very shortly!

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