Canadians RISE UP Against TYRANT TRUDEAU!!!

As the Freedom Convoy crackdown nears competition in Ottawa, we are seeing signs that Canadian patriotic populism is growing stronger than ever! Over the weekend, there were a number of demonstrations all across Canada in solidarity with the truckers. In British Columbia, thousands came out in support of the truckers denouncing Trudeau’s invocation of dictatorial powers. In Quebec City, a massive demonstration surfaced where protestors chanted ‘LIBERTE’ in unison! And in Calgary, protestors flooded the streets chanting ‘Freedom!’ and demanding an end to all, not some, not most, all Covid-related mandates and of course an end to Trudeau’s dictatorial larping! Jack Pasobeic said it best when he tweeted out: ‘The brutal crackdown in Ottawa is not having the desired chilling effect. Instead, more protests are now breaking out in Quebec and across Western Canada.’ I was in Fort Lauderdale over the weekend where I was speaking at the latest stop for the American Freedom Tour. I brought up what has happened in Ottawa over the last several weeks, and everyone started to applaud, and right in front of me, a man in the first few rows pulled out a Canadian flag and held it up, and the whole place lit up, he got a standing ovation! Patriots all over the world are uniting around Ottawa!

The world is showing enormous support for the truckers and they’re starting to noticeably turn on Trudeau. In fact a European Parliament member from Romania is openly calling out Trudeau for acting like a communist dictator! Remember, Romania was the only nation that had its communist dictator, Nikolai Ceaușescu, openly fire on his people. Ceaușescu gave the order. Interestingly, this Ottawa crackdown is being called ‘Trudeau’s Ceausescu Moment.’ In a comparable manner, Victor Davis Hanson compared it to Trudeau’s Tiananmen Square incident! And the result has been not only tens of thousands of Canadians rising up all across the nation over the weekend in protest of Trudeau, but a number of fellow liberals and world leaders pushing back against Trudeau for his dictatorial tactics. One video, in particular, is going around juxtaposing Trudeau’s pathetic pandering to the BLM movement several months back on the one side. And on the other side the video shows his brutal crackdown on the Ottawa truckers. These optics are clearly crushing any hope Trudeau had of restoring order back to his woke liberal agenda!

Robert Reinsch of the Heritage Foundation has a very interesting piece where he argues that Trudeau’s tyranny actually exposes the futilities inherent in modern Canadian liberalism. What he argues is that woke joke Justin is actually trying to solidify what his father originally put in place back in the early 1980s with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This moment not to many years ago, was the moment when whatever Canada had been before, a very patriotic nationalist nation, died with the passage of the Canadian Charter. The Canadian Charter had the effect, as Reinsch writes, of: “creating a new Canadian identity rooted in a homogeneous liberalism that primarily identified itself by its rejection of purported American illiberalism. Thus, to be Canadian was to support as a matter of right public health care, international peacekeeping, abortion, multiculturalism, and general abstractions such as equality and justice. Whatever Canada previously was, the elder Trudeau [Justin’s father] managed to lay a liberal humanitarian foundation that positively buried former Canadian standards of citizenship. In practice, the Supreme Court of Canada functions, courtesy of the charter, in expansive rights-defining fashion. The high court began to bypass parliamentary sovereignty with ease and to declare new rights for Canadian citizens outside the democratic process”

So basically, Trudeau’s father imposed liberal totalitarianism from the top down,  increasingly enforced by unelected judges on Canada’s courts. What woke joke Justin is doing here is he’s attempting to enforce this liberal absolutism by declaring the truckers protest unacceptable illegitimate descent and in so doing, of course, woke joke Justin is actually demonstrating that his father’s liberalism is radically illiberal! Now we are seeing the backlash against this radically illiberal liberalism!

We’re not just seeing an uprising going on all over Canada in defense of the truckers. Reports are coming out showing that there’s a resurgence of late of separatist secessionist sentiments in Alberta, where secessionist sentiments have long been held by Alberta patriots. They actually call it Wexit, which is a call for Western Canada to secede from the other provinces. We are seeing a resurgence of Albertan secessionist sentiments as well as a renewal of Quebec nationalism with the rise of the Coalition Avenir Quebec which is the center-right, increasingly nationalist populist party of Quebec who won a major, major victory back in 2018, ending 15 years of liberal rule over the province of Quebec. It is no wonder that articles are coming out on how Trudeau’s woke agenda, which is basically the illiberal liberalism put in place by his father back in the early 80s, is tearing Canada apart! Now, we are seeing Canadians rise up against Trudeau’s woke tyranny, and the question is simply, how many Canadians are ready to rise up! That’s what we’re going to be keeping an eye on in the days and weeks ahead! How many Canadians are going to rise up all across the provinces and demand Freedom and Liberte from not just these lingering never-ending mandates, but from Trudeau’s tyrannical liberalism in the process.