Bud Light Disavows Trans Campaign! 

Bud Light has been subject to what many are calling the single most successful boycott in history! Bud Light is “crying uncle.” The executives at Bud Light are officially admitting defeat.

– Anheuser-Busch CEO disowned the Dylan Mulvaney ad campaign, which led to a drop in Bud Light sales

– The company is experiencing an unprecedented 26% drop in off-premise sales volume.

– Things are not looking good for Bud Light as they have offended their customer base and may be forever consigned to the Blue State economy.

The Daily Mail is reporting that in a first-quarter meeting call with investors, Anheuser-Busch CEO Michel Doukeris ‘unceremoniously disowned the disastrous Dylan Mulvaney stunt – insisting it was ‘not a campaign’, an official ad campaign approved from the top, it was one can, referring to the Bud Light can bearing Mulvaney’s face. It was just one can, never meant for mass production. It was one incident, it was not a formal ad campaign, and they were putting a decisive stop to it!

This panic is in response to reports of Bud Light sales plummeting! According to Barron’s, Bud Light’s off-premise sales volume, which is the amount of beer sold outside of restaurants and bars, was DOWN an unprecedented 26% from this time last year. These figures are from the week ending April 22nd. Video of store aisles throughout the nation all show the same thing: Bud Light and Anheuser Busch products are left untouched and stacked to the top while their competitors like Coors or Miller Light are sold out.

Beer experts are floored. They were shocked at this unprecedented drop in sales. Beer Business Daily wrote, “The shocking deterioration of Bud Light market share continued apace through the third week of April and somehow worsened. We’ve never seen such a dramatic shift in national share in such a short period of time.”

Things are going so poorly that Bud Light is offering their distributors free beer to help offset the purchasing plunge; I’m not sure how that’s going to help anything, given that no one’s buying the beer in the first place, it’s just going to take up more room with supply for which there’s no demand! This is yet another indicator of the desperation of the company in learning one of the eternal laws of the universe the hard way: get woke, go broke!

We are finding that our national economy is separating into two overall blocs. This is comparable to what we saw during the Cold War where you had a Western bloc and an Eastern bloc. We are beginning to see the emergence of a blue-state economy and a red-state economy. This is the result of a dynamic known as consumer politics. Consumer politics involves customers intentionally buying from companies that promote and support their political and cultural values while refusing to purchase from those companies that actively oppose and offend those political and cultural values.

Consumer politics involves boycotts and buycotts. Boycotts are the refusal to purchase from companies that offend our political and cultural values, and buycotts are intentional purchases from companies that support our political and cultural values. It is astonishing that this CEO and the ridiculous advertising executive responsible for this disastrous ad campaign could be in charge of this multi-billion dollar company and not seem to have the slightest clue about consumer politics and the dynamics surrounding it. In trying to expand your customer base, you don’t offend the values of your loyal customers. It makes sense to try to extend beyond your current customer base, but you absolutely should not offend the values of that current customer base without losing a significant portion of them.

This is exactly what Bud Light did. They thought they could be hip and cool following the latest woke trend without at the same time offending the values of their current customer base. They couldn’t have been more wrong. This CEO at the investors’ meeting still seems to think that Anheuser Busch is going to get through this. They have significantly increased their ad spending for the summer and they will likely go overdrive on the conservative Patriot Americana advertising.

Consumers in the rising dynamics of consumer politics don’t easily forget. Time will tell, but many believe that Bud Light will be forever consigned to the realm of the Blue State economy where ironically, because of their groveling before the feet of red state consumers, even now woke Blue State consumers want nothing to do with them, so they’ve managed to offend both red state and blue state consumers, which is not good.

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