Brazilians STORM the Capitol against CORRUPT Election!

-Protestors storm MULTIPLE buildings in Brazil’s capitol!

-Police and military are still not clearly supporting either side!

-MSM is already starting their LIES and SPIN!

The nation of Brazil is in chaos, as thousands of opponents against the corrupt Lula regime storm his offices and headquarters! We’re going to take a look at the latest from Brazil, we’re going to see how the American legacy media is already trying to pin it all on Trump and J6, and we’ll find how even members of the legacy media are admitting that the political left has no one else to blame for all of this, but themselves!

Over the weekend, Brazil’s capital erupted into chaos as opponents of their new Marxist president, Lula da Silva, stormed government buildings, inflicting damage on the presidential palace as well as their very controversial supreme court, which in many ways is at the center of public anger and distrust! As many of you know, over the last two months, mass demonstrations of hundreds of thousands have been held across the nation as patriots took to the streets in defiance of last October’s presidential election between the nationalist populist president Jair Bolsonaro, and the highly corrupt Lula De Silva. What’s so important to know here is that back in 2017, Lula was sentenced to12 years in prison after being convicted in one of the biggest corruption scandals in Brazil’s history. Now, like I said, that was back in 2017; so you might be asking, given that we’re in 2023, which is just 6 years later; what on earth is Lula doing running for president? Did he run his campaign from jail, like Biden’s basement?

THIS is where the corruption within Brazilian politics begins to break out for all to see. What we have to understand is that, in Brazil, it’s not the president that’s been invested with supreme power, as it were, the president actually is rather limited in terms of his power and influence in Brazilian politics; the REAL power resides in Brazil’s Supreme Court. The court itself is comprised of 11 justices, and of those 11, 7 were appointed by Lula, Lula and some of his ideologically leftist ilk, such as Dilma Rousseff, who took over after Lula. A few months back, to the shock of millions, without any explanation, one of the Supreme Court justices, a fellow who was appointed by Lula forces, overturned Lula’s conviction simply stating that it lacked necessary justification! Moreover, he didn’t just overturn the conviction, he nullified it, which in turn, freed Lula from jail and allowed him to once again run for president! So obviously, Bolsonaro supporters, who are inclined towards law and order, who watched Lula’s Brazil descend into a chaos of violence, supported Bolsonaro, a former army captain, who ran on cleaning up corruption and restoring law and order.

Well, obviously now, Bolsonaro supporters smell a big, huge rat in all of this, and they see the whole political and judicial process as corrupt to the core. When the run-off election came, Lula barely squeaked by, winning by just one percentage point! And so, needless to say, tens of millions of Brazilian patriots didn’t buy it, and as you can see, they’re still not buying it! The problem in Brazil is that there’s no equivalent of an election oversight commission, so the people feel like they have NO recourse to challenge what the Supreme Court justice did in nullifying Lula’s conviction or the perceived election irregularities! And so, after months of protests, this weekend, that frustration boiled over! Now there are mixed reports coming out of all of this; there are reports of some 400 arrests, but there are also reports that both police and military personnel have been largely passive in the midst of this, which suggests that they’re sympathetic with the protestors! Either way, I think you can guess how our shameless leftist legacy media is already framing what happened in Brazil!

Predictably and right on schedule, the American legacy media is of course already comparing what happened in Brazil over the weekend to their own weaponized version of J6! It really is sad to see how pathetic these lamestream media types are, how they appear to be so totally incapable of thinking outside of these deliberately polarizing frames; but that’s not true of everybody within the legacy media. I came across a fascinating take by British journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer, who gets it who actually gets it! Take a look at this!

It started on the left! That’s all we heard for three and a half years from these very legacy media types who actually pretend to be the defenders of democracy! Three and a half years, 24/7 cable news stories of the noose tightening around Trump, Russian collusion, Russian collusion; Bob Mueller was going to finally bring him down! THESE people, who championed tens of millions of tax dollars wasted on a totally useless special investigation; who championed the impeachment of a president over a freaking phone call; these people have the gall to present themselves as the defenders of democracy as over against the authoritarian forces behind J6!

We simply no longer live in an age of the free press; we live under a press dedicated to imposing a radical cultural Marxist ideology on the masses.The press has become a collective Walter Duranty, the Russian correspondent for the New York Times who deliberately wrote puff-pieces about Stalin that he knew weren’t true, but he was so enamored with Stalinism that it didn’t matter! Stalinism was the truth, facts be damned! Obviously, we’ll be keeping a very close eye on how things develop in Brazil, but as long as the powers that be continue to denigrate and dismiss the electoral concerns of millions ALL THE WHILE enforcing their own, those powers that be only end up, in the end, delegitimizing their own power!