BlackRock ADMITS Globalism is OVER!!!

-BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has said the unipolar world order is ending

-The financial media is completely leaving the msm narrative behind

-What are the three ways globalism is collapsing around the world? Keep reading to find out!

So what should we expect for the year 2023? Well, according to the chairman of the largest asset manager company on the planet, we’re about to see the rise of a whole new world order, one that has globalist elites absolutely panicked! As secular unipolarity falls and a multipolar world rises, the liberal western regimes are going to start to crumble!

Tom Donilon is the chairman of BlackRock, which manages almost $10 trillion dollars in investments. They are one of the most powerful organizations in the globalist power structure, with a vast interlocking mechanism of technology and telecommunications that in effect creates a single worldwide political and economic system. BlackRock has pushed vaccine passports, they’ve pushed digital wallets that track and allocate carbon allowances, and they’ve pushed central bank digital currencies! They are as globalist as globalism gets! And yet, several months back, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink turned a number of heads when he declared that the rise of the new Russia, one that has proven itself largely immune to Western sanctions, together with China and India are representing nothing less than the end of liberal globalization as we’ve known it over the last several decades!

Well, NOW, just a couple of weeks back, BlackRock released their 2023 Global Outlook report, and in the report, the chairman Tom Donilon has announced to his investors that we are indeed entering what he calls a new world order, not the Orwellian kind, (actually it’s Alduous Huxley, ‘Brave New World’), it’s a new world order that represents nothing less than the death of globalism! Here’s what the report says, quote: ‘We’ve entered into a new world order. This is, in our view, the most fraught global environment since World War Two – a full break from the post-Cold War era. We see geopolitical cooperation and globalization evolving into a fragmented world with competing blocs. A prime example is the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Western sanctions have triggered a pursuit of economic self-sufficiency.” He goes on to say, “Geopolitical fragmentation is likely to foster a permanent risk premium across asset classes, rather than have only a fleeting effect on markets as in the past…This is the most fraught geopolitical environment since WWII, in our view. The world is splitting up into competing blocs that pursue self-reliance.’ In other words, get ready for a far more nationalist, populist, traditionalist world order that is smashing to bits the current globalist world order!

Now this is HUGE, and it’s huge because the financial media tends to err on the side of honesty. If you want fake news, go to journalists; they’ll give you the woke neo-Marxist talking points all day long; but you see, companies that manage billions if not trillions of dollars of assets can’t do that. They have to report to their investors the truth in order to protect and grow their investments, and so the financial media is far more in touch with reality than what passes for reporters and journalists today! And so they’re seeing what we’ve of course been arguing for over the last six years, ever since this channel started: the world is moving away from globalism and is in effect tribalizing. It’s reembracing culture, custom, tradition, religion, land, region, race, and becoming far more nationalist and far more populist, and here’s the key: regardless of what’s happening here in DC or in Brussels or in Davos!

What we’re finding are forces that are far stronger and far more determinative than anything these secular demons can come up with. The biggest problem facing globalists today is a massive worldwide dynamic known as RE-territorialization. Because globalization is a transnational system, it by its nature disembeds and dislocates political power away from localized control, away from communities and districts and counties, and recalibrates that political power into the hands of the very few. This creates a centralized political and economic elite, like the Bullies in Brussels with the European Union. And so, the massive backlash that we’re seeing throughout the world against globalization involves nothing less than populations RE-territorializing their political power, taking their political power back, as it were, from the hands of a political elite! So, in many respects, this RE-territorialization is crucial to understanding the new post-globalist world that’s emerging all around us. But the key here, to understand our world today is that not everyone is RE-territorializing in the same way!

In an increasingly post-globalist world, re-territorialization is being worked out in basically three ways: through what we might call neo-nationalist projects, through neo-tribalist projects, and through neo-civilizationist projects. Neo-nationalism involves a renewed sense of national sovereignty, a restoration of the nation-state against the anti-nationalist forces of liberal globalism. This is what’s animating the MAGA movement here in the States, or the incredibly successful government of Viktor Orban in Hungary. But this renewed civic nationalism is NOT the only kind of nationalism that is emerging; there’s also what scholars call a neo-tribalism, or secessionist tendencies where populations want to break away from the nation-state and form their own independent republics organized around a common region, race, or religion.

This is exactly what we saw in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine and the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. And then, on top of all of that, we’re seeing the rise of what scholars are calling civilization states, and these are states that are redrawing their boundaries around ancient civilizational spheres, like the Slavic Orthodox world of Imperial Russia and the Sino sphere of ancient of China. The rise of Hindu-nationalist India is also being compared to a civilization state as well! And so, as the executives and researchers over at BlackRock have rightly concluded, these three different ways of RE-territorializing are redrawing our global map and remaking a new political world order, a world order that is far more nationalist, populist, and traditionalist! This is why in the midst of all of this absurd insanity going on in our own nation with Bumblin Biden and the neocon RINOs, this is why I always remain so optimistic! The WORLD is moving in our direction even while our own political circumstances can so often look so dire! There’s nothing the Dolts in DC or the Bullies in Brussels can do to stop a new nationalist-populist, civilizationalist world order rising, and so that means it’s just a matter of time before THEIR order comes to an end!