Black Lives Matter Is Going Bankrupt!!

BLM is going bankrupt! it is now being confirmed by multiple sources that Black Lives Matter is headed for insolvency, as the British media so graciously puts it. According to their latest tax returns, BLM has seen a nearly 90% drop in donations and is currently experiencing an $8.5 million deficit. BLM’s investment accounts also suffered losses of nearly $10 million.

On top of the multiple allegations of financial misconduct and misuse of donations, especially involving the former head of BLM’s family members and close friends, we now know that co-founder Patrisse Cullors used BLM funds to pay her brother $840 thousand for ‘security services’ as well as another nearly $1 million to a company owned by her child’s father for ‘creative services.’ They bought a $6 million property in Los Angeles along with Cullors’ massive real estate buying spree.

She bought a $1.4 million home in an exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood. It’s been reported that she bought a total of four high-end homes for $3.2 million. Their money has dried up, donations have imploded, and they are in the red, so clearly things look dire for BLM to say the least. Now this is an astonishing fall for an organization that was once pronounced by Tucker Carlson as the single most powerful political agency in the nation after the George Floyd riots when we saw even the likes of Mitt Romney and a whole host of other establishment RINO Republicans bending the knee to BLM activists.

It looked as if cultural Marxism had triumphed even over the Republican Party, at least in terms of its leadership. These people were embracing a tribalist, ethno-nationalist movement in supporting BLM. That was admitted to recently by a spokesperson for BLM. They admitted that it was a Black Nationalist movement, and that was key because what we are seeing is a massive return to nationalism all over the world.

Populations are increasingly returning to nation, culture, custom, and tradition as the globalist world order breaks up and shatters. Nationalism and civilizationalism are making a massive comeback all over the world. China is more nationalist today than it’s been in over a century. This is the way we needed to understand the Trump phenomenon, and the rise of ‘America First.’ The renewal of American nationalism is part and parcel of this break-up of globalist systems around the world and a return by more and more populations to nation, culture, and tradition.

It is important to understand the distinction between the two types of nationalism. Civic nationalism involves the renewal of the customs and culture that unite a nation. Ethno-nationalism involves the renewal of the customs and culture that unite a people, a particular ethnicity, or race. Sometimes these are the same, like in Japan, but scholars generally make a distinction between these two kinds of nationalism.

Civic nationalists want to restore their respective national sovereignties by reaffirming border security, economy, and culture that together unite us as one multi-ethnic people. That’s the MAGA movement in a nutshell. Ethno-nationalists are characterized by a turn toward a more homogenous racial and cultural makeup, where populations are increasingly balkanizing as they turn towards their own ethnic identity and loyalties based on kin and race. That’s BLM.

In embracing the BLM movement, both Democrats and Republicans were empowering an ethno-nationalist movement that ultimately wants nothing to do with either one of them. We are either going the way of civic nationalism or the way of ethno-nationalism. Either way, we are going nationalist. The demise of BLM may mean that the MAGA-inspired civic nationalism of America First is the future of where America is headed!

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