Bill Maher Stuns Neil deGrasse Tyson on WOKENESS!

Bill Maher just delivered an epic take down of the ultra-woke leftist Neil deGrasse Tyson. We are going to look at this latest and brilliant critique of woke college campuses. We are also going to see how Tyson was left speechless by Maher’s brutal assessment and how this whole woke hysteria is literally all falling apart.

– Bill Maher describes wokeness’ effect on comedy.

– The left is splintering as many more woke advocates are isolating less extreme leftists.

– We are seeing this separation in many things as significant as the extreme views on the overseas conflict and things as simple as comedy and humor.

There have been a number of articles published over the last several months exploring this torturous trend of woke comedians. They are explaining why woke comedy is so unfunny. Woke comedy fails because the point of it is not to make us laugh, but to lecture us about what we ought to believe. Great comedy teaches us not through lectures, but through laughter. This has been a hallmark in the western tradition, going all the way back to the ancient Greeks, where classical comedy provided keen insight into society.

The ancient Greek play Lysistrata by Aristophanes is one of the funniest plays. It masterfully overturns Greek stereotypes about women. Historically speaking, Western civilization has envisioned comedy as a profound means of cultural critique. Since the days of ancient Athens, comedy has sought to address the political and social issues of their day with whimsical critique and satire.

Bill Maher is pointing out to Tyson that wokeness has categorically destroyed that tradition. Wokeness has sanctified designated victim classes as beyond reproach. To offend those victims is in effect to commit heresy. Anything that seeks to offer cultural critique is going to offend, particularly comedy. Maher is bringing to the fore how ignorant Neil deGrasse Tyson is over not merely the nature of comedy and the nature of wokeness itself.

Wokeness by its nature is liberal totalitarianism. Wokeness refuses to allow for any semblance of dissent. It is known as radical perspectivalism, which is a fancy way of saying that some people believe that they have a monopoly on the truth, and therefore, any dissent is by definition untrue. When you dissent from the moral norms of wokeness, you offend sanctified groups and are therefore heretical. You don’t simply have a different opinion and you are not simply wrong. You are heretical, and heretics by definition must be excommunicated. This is the woke’s infatuation with cancel culture.

Comedians like Bill Maher have borne the brunt of the propensity towards cancel culture. The good news is that wokeness is tearing the left apart. While Bill Maher and Neil deGrasse Tyson may look like they get along, at the national level, more liberals are beginning to permanently walk away from the progressive woke left. We’ve been talking a lot of late about how the political left all over the world is tearing itself apart over the Israeli-Hamas war.

The pro-Israel faction and the pro-Palestinian faction are finding that their differences are absolutely irreconcilable, and as a result, the left is shattering as a viable political force. What we are seeing here with wokeness is causing a rift every bit as devastating inside the political left. We can only hope that this rift will result not just in the defeat of wokeness, but in the ultimate defeat of the left itself.

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