More politicians are leaving the sinking Democrat Ship. We are seeing a major shift to the right happening inside the bluest cities. We are also seeing the latest party switch happening with the mayor of America’s fifth-largest city, and what the rise of what’s called law and order politics means for collapsing the Democrats into a permanent political minority!

– Democrat Mayor of Dallas, Eric Johnson, announced his switch to the Republican Party in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

– Another Texas Democrat, Kira Talip Sanchez, also switched to the GOP, citing the southern border crisis and alignment with Republican values.

– This trend could lead to a Republican takeover of many major cities, potentially changing the political landscape significantly.

The Democrat Mayor of the city of Dallas is now officially a Republican. In an op-ed of the Wall Street Journal, Mayor Eric Johnson, the mayor of the fifth largest city in the whole of the nation, Dallas, Texas, announced that he is leaving the Democrats and switching parties. Johnson wrote, “The future of America’s great urban centers depends on the willingness of the nation’s mayors to champion law and order and practice fiscal conservatism. Our cities desperately need the genuine commitment to these principles (as opposed to the inconsistent, poll-driven commitment of many Democrats) that has long been a defining characteristic of the GOP. In other words, American cities need Republicans—and Republicans need American cities.”

Mayor Johnson’s defection comes on the heels of another Texas Democrat who just switched parties. Kleberg County Attorney Kira Talip Sanchez recently announced that she has become a Republican after having served as a Democrat for the last 8 years. Sanchez specifically cited the horrific crisis at the southern border as the rationale for her switch, stating, ‘There is an unprecedented crisis at our southern border. I believe that the GOP’s policies of law and order protecting safety, and backing the blue best align with my values and the values of the citizens of Kleberg County. I look forward to working with my colleagues to keep South Texas safe.’

What is so interesting here is that what both Sanchez and Johnson are doing is part of a noticeable pattern. The Washington Free Beacon has just published an astonishing report that found that over the last 20 years, four times as many Democratic state lawmakers have switched to the Republican Party than the other way around. 83 Democratic legislators have defected and joined the GOP since 1994 compared with only 23 Republicans who became Democrats. Five of those blue-to-red switches happened just this year. We are seeing a theme emerge here with these two defections. Both of these former Democrats pointed to the fact that the Democrat Party is increasingly being seen as the party most responsible for the breakdown of law and order, while the GOP is associated with the party that will restore law and order.

Law and order are becoming defining characteristics of this campaign. At his CPAC speech several weeks back, Trump advocated sending in the National Guard or the US military to restore order in the midst of imploding liberal cities:

What is so interesting is that Trump has been touting this theme in a number of his speeches, so this is becoming a repeated emphasis for Trump; the United States federal government is going to have to go in and clean up the societal rot and mess that liberal mayors and governors have made of our cities. And Trump isn’t alone. The great state of Texas has begun to crack down on its liberal cities. The Republican supermajority is passing laws that will strip their cities of their jurisdiction to enact laws not approved by the state. They are aiming at progressive judges and prosecutors. They are slashing local officials’ emergency powers and broadly restricting the types of regulations cities can enact.

Texas is forcing its deep blue cities to live by and abide by the same laws as the rest of the state. These laws are deep-red in their orientation. So any environmental laws, attempts at defunding the police, or relaxing crime prevention laws would be stripped away from cities if they contradict state statutes. They are stripping their cities of their self-governing status. Now, with Mayor Johnson of Dallas, they are finding powerful allies to implement conservative policies in their cities. This is not happening in only Texas. Several governors and legislators in red states are stripping their big-city mayors and city councils of much of their power to regulate their urban areas in a manner not consistent with red-state values.

One of the more explicit ways they’ve done this is in red states that have passed total abortion bans. Abortion facilities are already banned from 90% of our counties. It is almost entirely an urban industry at this point. Now blue cities inside red states are seeing their abortion facilities shut down. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the various ways in which red state governments are starting to crack down on their deep blue cities and force them to govern in compliance with red state law. We may be seeing a very real Republican ultra-MAGA takeover of our nation’s imploding cities. If Republicans effectively take control of the majority of our cities, the Democrats may find themselves having lost their major cosmopolitan voting demographic, which means they may implode into a permanent political minority status as law and order politics continues to expand.

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