Biden’s Debate Performance Was a DISASTER!

The Democrats in DC and across the nation are absolutely shellshocked. Democrats are collectively stumbling out of the disastrous performance Biden gave last night. Now they are seeing their whole world collapse. We are marching toward November and the triumphant return of Donald J. Trump!

– Biden’s performance at the debate on Thursday night was humiliating!

– The mainstream media is now sounding the alarm, admitting that Biden is totally incoherent.

– Countless mainstream publications are completely changing their tune in light of the debate!

The legacy media has spent these last 3 ½ years trying to convince us that Joe Biden was the greatest president ever in the history of the United States. Just last month, Bloomberg told us that Biden is the best president that Businesses can hope for!

We were also told by the legacy media that Biden’s age was his superpower. NBC warned their dwindling audience about how the Republicans were uploading “misleading videos” about Biden’s cognitive decline online.

The New York Post said that Thursday night ended Biden’s presidency! Even Democrats are admitting that’s a foregone conclusion.

Grabien put together that brilliant montage. The self-proclaimed guardians of democracy are now changing their tune.

Politico wrote a piece titled ‘Biden is toast.’ It said that Democrats are in full freakout over the president’s debate performance. “One major Democratic donor and Biden supporter, who spoke anonymously, said it was time for the president to end his campaign. This person described Biden’s night as “the worst performance in history.”

The Drudge Report before the debate even ended posted, ‘Operation: Replace Biden! Dems Scramble with 130 days to go! Debate Catastrophe!’ It looks like Drudge wants back on the Trump Train.

The satirical Babylon Bee posted ‘Trump Indicted for Murdering Elderly Man on CNN.’ CNN also displayed palpable panic after the debate:

She said ‘There was real damage done that can not be undone!’ There was no spinning this. Biden’s debate was supposed to save his campaign, but it only ended up doing further damage to it. That damage, according to the far-left activists disguised as journalists over at CNN, cannot be undone. Voters are not going to be able to unsee that train wreck!

Even Chris Wallace formerly of Fox now comfortably situated with his liberal ilk over at CNN, had to look away:

Wallace said the quiet part out loud, admitting the part that everyone in the Biden camp and at CNN has always known: Biden is losing. Chris Wallace just admitted this. They all know that he is losing this campaign, which is why he forced this debate. The Biden campaign has officially imploded as of Thursday night’s debate!

Not to be outdone, here is Democrat operative Van Jones:

Thursday night was painful for Democrats. That was Van Jones, formerly of the Obama administration, openly calling on Biden to drop out. The leftwing young Turks had a similar meltdown:

MSNBC blatantly lied about Biden’s influence among the white working class. But amid their confusion, they seemed despondent and dismayed.

They looked like they were at a funeral! The far-left activists throughout the mainstream media looked as if they were staring into the abyss of another Trump presidency in dismay! They are finally being exposed for the lies they have been peddling about Biden as his cognitive decline was on full display on Thursday night.

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