Biden Poll Numbers IMPLODE, Dem Strategist PANICS!

The Democrats’ top strategist is openly admitting that Biden is politically imploding. We are going to see the latest efforts by Democrats to sweep Biden’s disastrous polling under the rug, and why the Trump train, despite the Democrats’ best efforts, at this point looks absolutely unstoppable.

– James Carville, a famed Democrat strategist, warns that President Biden is in a political freefall.

– A significant majority of voters believe Biden is too old to be president, including almost 70% of Democrats.

– Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 37%, according to Gallup, and his polls are expected to worsen, especially as concerns about a recession rise.

The famed Democrat strategist James Carville, whom Rush Limbaugh affectionately referred to as serpent-head, is the man behind Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential run. He is now sounding the alarm to members of his party that Biden is in a political freefall. Biden’s poll numbers are collapsing to the point of no return, and central to that collapse is the issue of Sleepy Joe’s age and cognitive ability.

Three-quarters of voters believe Biden is too old to be president. The latest AP poll found that 77% of voters, including nearly 70% of Democrats, believe that Biden’s age and cognitive abilities were a very real problem for him! Even the reliably liberal Democrat Bill Maher is calling on Biden to drop out precisely because of his age.

More Democrats are openly telling Biden to quit, and it’s largely because of this inescapable age problem. According to Carville, even though Biden’s age and cognitive abilities continue to haunt his poll numbers, Carville’s fellow Democrats don’t want to hear about it; and they are actively pressuring him to shut up about it. In a piece for the Atlantic on the Minnesota representative Dean Phillips who is the latest now to primary Biden, Carville admitted that Biden has never been so politically weak, and things look like they are only going to be getting worse for the fledgling president.

According to Carville, the Democrat apparatus is largely in denial. They are not in denial over Biden’s poll numbers. They see them, but they are in denial of wanting to hear about it. The polls are so bad they cannot bring themselves to talk about it, and they certainly want Carville to stop talking about it. Despite Carville’s ridiculous denials about Trump, now we’ve got more polling data coming in showing that Trump is running away with this.

It looks like the Republican Primary is coming to an end before it even began. Without a single vote yet cast, the Florida Republican Assembly is calling for their governor, Ron DeSantis, to bow out and officially endorse President Trump. The Republican Assembly of Florida, Ron DeSantis’ state, is calling on him to quit and endorse Trump. They are not alone. The National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman Steve Daines is calling on everyone to drop out of the primary race and endorse Trump.

He, along with several others in the Republican rank and file, is openly admitting that there is no stopping the Trump train. He has stolen the show and he is crushing his opponents by 50 points. The voters want him as their 2024 nominee, and when you look at the polls with how he squares against Joe Biden, you can see why. In the latest round of swing state polling, Trump is beating Biden by an average of four points in the battleground states. That is devastating for Biden.

In Georgia, Trump is up by 2, but when you factor RFK and Cornel West into the mix, Trump’s lead grows to 9. According to Gallup, Biden has fallen to his lowest approval rating yet, to 37%. As James Carville pointed out, it looks like his polls are going to continue to get even worse, especially as fears of a recession increase. Considering what Carville said, it’s not just fears over the economy. The sense is increasing that Biden is out of Trump’s league. His age and cognitive degeneration are catching up to him, and those factors as well are only going to get worse in the months ahead. The Democrats are panicking over Biden as the Trump train continues to roll full speed ahead.

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