Biden HUMILIATED with Maui Fire Failure!

Two weeks ago, fires ravaged Maui County, devastating the historic and tourist town of Lahaina almost completely to ashes. Biden was on vacation and gave no comment and offered no help to anyone affected by this issue.

– Recent devastating fires resulted in the destruction of homes and loss of life, with around 1,000 people still unaccounted for.

– Joe Biden’s response to the fires in Maui was criticized for his lack of action and inappropriate remarks.

– The legacy media’s coverage of Biden’s response was seen as flattering and downplayed his behavior during the crisis.

Businesses and homes were destroyed by these recent fires, and nearly 1,000 people remain unaccounted for, with hopes of finding them alive diminished with every passing minute. It is the deadliest fire disaster in American history. Joe doesn’t seem to care about this. As the fires ravaged Maui, here’s what Joe Biden was doing:

Biden was riding his bike while on vacation, but at least he was on it and not crashing to the ground. Days went by, and yet Biden, who was on vacation throughout this horror, said nothing. He had no comment on the deadliest fires in our nation’s history. It took him nearly two weeks to show up to the devastation. Almost immediately after arriving in Hawaii, he complained about how hot the ground was:

This president was just joking about how hot the ground is in Maui after the deadliest fire in our nation’s history ravaged it. “You guys catch the boots out here? That’s a hot ground, man!” And then he went on to compare what happened in Maui to his own experience of almost losing his Corvette.

To make matters even worse, we now have a video of Biden falling asleep while sitting through a ceremony honoring the survivors of the fire. We have before us two major disasters in Hawaii; the first is the total and complete incompetence among Maui officials that caused this disaster in the first place. Officials admitted that they purposely didn’t sound the alarms because they were worried people would hear them and think it was a tsunami alarm and run up into the hills where the fires were. So, the Democrat geniuses in Maui decided instead not to sound any alarms, and as a result, many people ended up trapped in their homes by the flames.

Reports are that upwards of 1,000 people are still missing! Moreover, when the power lines fell, apparently the utility company didn’t turn the power off to prevent the overgrown dried grass from catching fire, and then of course. There was the matter of the water shortage that prevented firefighters from putting out the fire. A Hawaiian official claimed that because Hawaiians see water as sacred, he was hesitant to release water to help fight the fires. It took a whole sequence of total incompetence where many people did not do their jobs for this tragedy to happen. This was a masterclass in bureaucratic incompetence.

The other disaster is the legacy media’s coverage. The media is criticizing George W. Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina even many years after it happened, but they are flattering Biden’s embarrassing behavior surrounding this crisis in Maui. CNN said, ‘Biden vows support for fire-ravaged Maui as search efforts continue!’ Or this from NBC News. ‘In a visit to Maui, Biden vows to do ‘everything possible’ to help with recovery!’ Reuters said, ‘In Maui, Biden sees ‘long road’ ahead in recovering from deadly wildfires’ We are living amid the most horrific informational disasters imaginable.

Our legacy media are nothing but full-blown propagandists at this point, treating information as a mechanism of control and manipulation. But it’s not working. The world sees what’s happening. They see the devastating consequences of incompetence all across the board. The question is simple: when, not if, will we finally have had enough?

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