On Thursday May 11th, 2023 the Biden administration will be ending Title 42 policy that allowed border patrol and immigration agents to force illegal migrants to leave and remain in Mexico under the pretext of protecting public health. This was used to drastically reduce illegal border crossings under COVID as Trump used the left’s coof-mania to reverse some of their disastrous open border policies, at least for a time. Now Biden will be ending this policy after having already ended the successful remain in Mexico policy that Trump had also implemented. Texas Governor Greg Abbott says these changes will facilitate over 13,000 illegal immigrants crossing the southern border into America every day. In a recent press conference Governor Abbott excoriated Biden and the open border policies of his bureaucrats:

Trump has also slammed Biden and pledged to fully secure the border and deport all illegals when reelected:

The border crisis grows worse by the day and now without the lone voice of reason on television talking about the Great Replacement and the politics/social consequences of replacement migration, Tucker Carlson, off the air, it seems that immigration patriots are facing an uphill battle. However, among Republicans immigration is a top issue. It is probably the most enduring piece of Donald Trump’s legacy; Republicans squishy on the border, illegal and legal immigration, and the problems of endless cheap labor have basically no chance in a Republican primary anymore. With Arizona and Texas as key pickups for Republican presidential candidates, national office seekers can’t afford to pretend scenes like the one below just aren’t happening in our south west.

Just a few years ago the bipartisan “gang of 8” were conspiring to sell Americans out for cheap foreign labor and continue to increase the number of immigrants brought into the US every year AND naturalize millions of illegals. Donald Trump stopped that. Greg Abbott seems to be stacking up political points and taking Biden on on the border, likely as a 2024 hopeful. While he would be no match for Trump, Abbott has made it clear he takes immigration seriously and, unlike Florida Governor Ron Desantis, has not alienated Trump and his base. He could be angling for a Trump cabinet position. Regardless, Texas is undoubtedly putting up more of a fight at the border than the hapless Katie Hobbs of Arizona but ultimately federal action is needed. Anything short of a totally militarized and secured border accompanied by rapid deportations of all illegals and a radical decrease (hopefully to net zero) in legal immigration into the US every year. This is the only way to achieve real wage growth, fundamentally lower crime, and begin to push back on the demographic winter that democrats and globalists of all stripes have had planned for America for a while.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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