Biden CAUGHT with CLASSIFIED Documents! Impeachment Coming?!

-Biden’s first huge scandal alongside the new Republican House has begun!

-The media spin and hypocrisy has already begun despite Biden’s actions already being miles worse than what prompted the FBI Mar-A-Lago Raid

-This could actually be the beginning of the end of the Biden Presidency!

Well, what do you know, now it’s Bumblin’ Biden’s turn! We’re going to look at the bombshell scandal breaking over Biden’s own handling of classified documents, we’re going to see how President Trump himself is gleefully reacting, and how the MSM is working overtime to cover the TOTAL HYPOCRISY from the corrupt FBI and DOJ!

Alright, gang, strap yourselves in, butter the popcorn, we’ve got our first bona fide scandal blowing up around bumbling Biden, the first, that is, since the Republicans have taken over congress! It’s now being widely reported that several classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president were discovered in an office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, DC! Now, remember that name, Penn Biden Center, that’s going to be important as we develop this story, it’s part of a partnership he had with the University of Pennsylvania when he was a so-called “honorary professor” there a few years back. According to reports, the documents were discovered the day before the midterms, when Biden’s attorneys were packing files housed in a locked closet to prepare to vacate office space at the center, or so they say. Regardless, the classified documents were turned over to the Justice Department, and it’s now being reported that the Attorney general Merrick Garland has appointed an investigator, ironically, a Trump-appointed attorney, to investigate the handling of these classified documents!

For his part, Bumblin Biden completely ignored questions from the media about the bombshell discovery. In fact, the legacy media is most likely just sitting around waiting for his spinsters, who all end up working at CNN or MSNBC, to come up with some clever distinction or distraction that serves to completely exonerate Ol’ Joe! But, you can be sure, the Republican congress looks like they’re going to pounce on this big time! Ted Cruz is already calling for a grand jury to convene to look into the potential criminality and national security risks involved in the housing of classified documents at the Penn Center. President Trump, obviously, is having a field day with this breaking news, he took to Truth Social asking: ‘When is the FBI going to raid the many homes of Joe Biden, perhaps even the White House? These documents were definitely not declassified.’ Now of course President Trump is referring to the unprecedented FBI raid of his home at Mar-a-Lago back in August of last year, which DOJ officials claimed was warranted given that Trump had been keeping classified documents there, which, as we’ve talked about endless times, is a crime that the president of the United States cannot commit! It’s a contradiction in terms, precisely because the president has what’s called executive privilege.

Executive privilege is the power that the President has to withhold what HE deems confidential information from the courts and from congress. The privilege is rooted in the separation of powers doctrine that gives the president, as the chief executive of the nation, the ability to classify or declassify whatever the president wants, and to share or not share whatever he wants with the courts or congress. That’s why this Mar-a-lago raid, when all is said and done, was all about seizing classified documents from the residence of the one man in the nation who has the power to declassify anything he wants! This is why it was so unprecedented; It’s unprecedented because, at least for our predecessors, such an act would make absolutely no sense! How on earth do you fault the one person in the nation who can declassify anything he wants for having classified documents? It’s only if you believe that a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in the Deep State and in our intelligence agencies have the ultimate power to classify rather than the chief executive democratically elected by the people! BUT, while the president clearly has executive privilege, a vice-president does NOT, let alone a former vice-president! So this discovery over at the Penn Center is HUGE, GIVEN what the weaponized FBI has done with Trump AND, I might add, the way that weaponization was defended by the legacy media!

We now have information, brought to us by Tucker Carlson, that shows that housing such classified material was indeed a potential national security threat! Take a guess at which foreign country donated the most to the University of Pennsylvania, which houses the Biden Center: yes, it is none other than the People’s Republic of China. And Tucker Carlson wasted no time in spelling out what that potentially means. Yes, we like Tucker are not holding our breath; the only institution perhaps more corrupt than our Deep State agencies is the legacy media, whose suicidal embracing of advocacy politics has shattered any semblance of credibility on their part! THIS is the big reveal; this China connection is HUGE! What was the relationship, if any, between those classified documents containing national secrets, and those Chinese donors? THAT is going to be the question that the Republican congress is going to need to investigate; that’s going to be part of the ongoing investigation into the weaponization of the FBI; why was Trump’s home raided for a crime he, as president of the United States, couldn’t possibly commit, while Biden is being treated with kid gloves? Not only for housing classified documents for which he had no authority, but potentially exposing those classified documents to foreign agents who in effect bought access to those very documents! These are the questions that are going to plague Biden for at least the foreseeable future, and so, butter the popcorn, sit back, and let’s watch how it all plays out!