Biden Campaign Pushes DEEP FAKE!

President Trump stormed the city of Philadelphia this weekend, all as Joe Biden gets caught in his own deep fake video. The latest polls coming out are showing a surge for Trump!

– The recent Trump rally in Philadelphia underscores a significant aspect of his campaign strategy: to appeal to non-white working-class voters and minimize the urban non-white vote for Biden.

– Biden’s campaign used photos from a rally where Obama was the main speaker to imply Biden’s popularity.

– Voter turnout and engagement in key demographics will play a critical role in determining the outcome of the 2024 election, which is why Trump’s engagement in places like Philadelphia is essential.

Philadelphia, a region that votes over 80% Democrat, was the unlikely stage for a massive Trump rally at Temple University. This is all part of Trump’s strategy at garnering more of the non-white working class vote than any Republican in 6 decades. Trump is maximizing the rural white vote while minimizing the urban non-white vote for Biden.

He is galvanizing the rural white vote like he did in 2016 and 2020, but this time he is getting a record number of Latinos and Blacks. All the polls are showing that, and at least part of the reason appears to be because of the lawfare. Many non-white voters feel as if Trump is the victim of the same unfair and crooked justice system that they so often feel victimized by.

Here’s CNN’s Van Jones on the unraveling of the Obama/Biden coalition:

But it’s not just the lawfare. Trump is of course continuously hammering Biden on the economy, and it’s working! Check out Cathy Wood, CEO of Ark Investments, and her take on the upcoming election:

This was pretty brave of her, given how woke and leftwing Wall Street and Silicon Valley investors have become.

The people are not buying the Biden campaign’s disastrous attempts at trying to one-up Trump in terms of popularity. The Biden campaign headquarters tweeted out a picture of Biden speaking at the same Philly venue that Trump spoke at attempting to give the impression that Biden is more popular than Trump. The event they used the photos from wasn’t a Biden rally, it was a John Fetterman rally from 2022 with Obama as the headline speaker. Biden’s appearance was just window dressing!

Somebody actually posted a video from that rally back in 2022, and it was half empty. Even with Obama there, it was only half occupied. They had a black curtain that blocked off the crowd from the empty square. Here is a comparison:

Biden is trying to flex that he can get a bigger turn out than Trump in a town where 80%+ of people vote Democrat. And HE STILL FAILED! Trump gets a bigger turnout than Biden in the most blue of blue districts.

Now Biden is the one pushing the deep fakes that his campaign complained so bitterly about with his string of embarrassments like Obama’s arm-grab escorting him off the stage. We were told that this was a Deep Fake video, when they’re just projecting onto Trump and MAGA the very sins they themselves commit.

Trump’s support among independents is exploding! According to ActiVoteUS, Trump is up over Biden by 22 points head-to-head with independents. A 22-point lead among independents is game changing! The polls are so good for Trump that Lee Zeldin just put a piece out in the New York Post arguing that Trump has a very good shot at actually winning New York. He points out that New York independents favor Trump by 10 points, which is putting him within just six points of Biden.

What Zeldin argues is that if Biden’s approval numbers continue to sink, like they have been, that could put Trump within the margin of error in New York. So obviously the Biden campaign is not fooling anyone. They ironically only seem to be fooling themselves!

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