Biden Admits Defeat in This Key 2024 SWING STATE!

Some people are understandably very skeptical of polls. We see how polls can be manipulated in order to manipulate us. In the key swing state of Georgia, The New York Times is reporting that the Biden campaign has basically given up this crucial state.

– The legacy media manipulates public opinion for the political establishment using polls.

– Georgia, a state Biden won in 2020, is now polling towards Trump, with indications that the Biden campaign is conceding the state to Trump.

– Trump’s simple campaign pitch resonates with voters: “Things were good when he was president, and everything became terrible when Joe Biden became president.”

The legacy media are nothing more than collective monolithic shills for the political establishment. Tucker often referred to them as the praetorian guard of the liberal order. That same legacy media uses the power of polls to manipulate public opinion in favor of the ruling establishment and so, this is why it is important to discern the polls through the test of corroboration, which involves analyzing the polls in light of other indicators. If aligned, various disparate dynamics evidence the same trend, then we are more likely seeing what is real over against what is being manipulated.

A state that Biden supposedly ‘won’ by 10,000 votes back in 2020 is now polling towards Trump. This is corroborated by countless polls that use the same methodologies they used in previous elections. Additionally, the Times is reporting that all signs suggest that the Biden campaign has already conceded that Trump is going to win Georgia in a blowout. According to the latest Siena poll, Trump is beating Biden in Georgia by 6 points. The final polling before November of 2020 had Trump and Biden tied, and Biden pulled it off with 10,000 votes.

Trump is beating him by 6, and the Biden campaign looks like they are already writing the state off. The Times is reporting that the campaign has largely stopped spending money in Georgia. This happened after voter mobilization organizers found voters to be significantly apathetic towards Biden. Their own constituencies are not coming out to vote for him.

The Times is reporting as well that, according to campaign staffers, among the top 5 swing states that they’re focused on, Georgia is not one of them. This is further evidenced by the lack of any existing campaign infrastructure, a clear sign that the Biden campaign has all but conceded Georgia to Trump.

If they thought that things looked better in other battleground states, the Biden campaign is in for a shock. The numbers coming out of the swing states are absolutely astonishing. The Siena poll shows the same things as several other battleground polls that have come out over the last few weeks, including a devastating New York Times poll. They are all showing the same thing: Trump is absolutely crushing it.

He is up 10 in Nevada, a state that voted for Biden by nearly 3 points. Trump is up 5 in Arizona, he is up 4 in Pennsylvania, 6 in Georgia, 5 in Michigan, and he is down 2 in Wisconsin. Polling in Wisconsin showed that Biden was going to beat Trump by 17 points in Wisconsin, and he ended up ‘winning’ by 20,000 votes, all of which were eventually thrown out as illegitimate by the Wisconsin Supreme Court two years after the fact.

One of the reasons we are seeing Trump becoming so incredibly dominant here is because Trump is now leading in most voter categories and demographics. Rich Baris, the People’s Pundit, has data that shows that Trump is now just a little bit away from carrying college degree holders. One of the key differences between voters is the college graduate demographic overwhelmingly voting for Democrats. Having been indoctrinated by the woke mind virus for four straight years, college grads vote for Democrats while non-college grads vote overwhelmingly Republican. We are now seeing even the college grad demographic flipping to Trump. He is, in Baris’ words, ‘a hair away’ from carrying college grads.

If so, Trump would be leading or outperforming in every single voter demographic for the exception of single-white women. The majority of the country thinks he was the better president. This is the advantage of Trump’s hybridity. He is part incumbent, part insurgent. He has a proven presidential record but he is also new. Byron York of the Washington Examiner argues that Trump is surging because he has the simplest campaign pitch in the world. Things were good when he was president, and everything became terrible when Joe Biden became president. If we elect him, he is arguing that he will make things good again.

When Trump was president we had peace abroad and prosperity at home. Biden came in and gave us endless wars and domestic depression. Byron York admits that this simple message is clearly resonating with many voters, and now we have the numbers. Inside the Numbers with Rich Baris shows that Trump is either leading or outperforming in almost every voter demographic. It is astonishing, and what the Biden campaign is doing in Georgia signals that they are just as astonished.

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