Hey gang, it’s me, Dr Steve, and we’ve got the latest victim of one of the fundamental laws of the universe: Go woke, go broke, and BOY did they go broke!

-AT&T is losing BILLIONS!

-They are now getting anti trust investigations due to their blatant political targeting

-This is ALL part of the growing parallel economy!

At midnight of January 25th, AT&T’s DirecTV cut the signal for the conservative cable news network Newsmax, immediately shutting the network off from more than 13 million customers of the satellite service. The stated reason given for the cancellation was an impasse between DirecTV and Newsmax regarding licensing fees that DirectTV would pay Newsmax for airing their programming in their streaming services. So, multichannel video programming distributors like DirecTV pay licensing fees to the various channels that they feature, and according to DirecTV, Newsmax was asking for too much money, and they decided that they didn’t want to pay the fees! The problem with this excuse is that it’s being reported that DirecTV continues to pay the fees to a number of leftwing liberal news networks that are getting far lower ratings than Newsmax, and according to Newsmax, these leftist news networks have even higher fees; so a lot of people are smelling a rat here.

Even before services were cut, House Republicans weren’t buying the excuse, and urged DirecTV to reconsider dropping the conservative cable network; a letter was sent to DirecTV and its owner AT&T, co-signed by over 40 Republican lawmakers, threatening hearings if the satellite company went ahead with the cancellation! Well, as of the 25th of January, they did just that, which made Newsmax actually the second conservative channel DirecTV deplatformed. In January of last year, they announced, in a very controversial move, that they were dropping One America News Network from their channel offerings, so many are seeing Newsmax as but the latest in what appears to be a deliberate, targeted purge of conservative channels. Well, that did not sit well with conservatives; so needless to say, a HUGE boycott of both DirecTV and the parent company AT&T was launched, and according to Newsmax, ironically, since the cancellation, AT&T has fallen by almost 7 percent, wiping nearly $10 billion dollars from its market value!

Interestingly, this was during a period when the S&P actually rose by about a percentage point, between January 25th and February 10th, and the Dow Jones declined by just 1.8 percent between those dates; so there was a significant downturn for AT&T, and of course, Newsmax is claiming victory here, as well as one of Newsmax’s biggest fans! President Trump noticed the stock devaluation, he took to Truth Social and wrote: ‘AT&T must reinstate Newsmax immediately, and OAN while they’re at it, because it’s only going to get worse for AT&T as people flock to leave both their stock and their platform. Welcome to the Trump Era!’ So what’s he talking about there? What is the Trump Era in terms of AT&T losing so much market value? It’s the same era that’s absolutely crushing Disney! You may have heard Disney has lost upwards of $120 billion dollars as a direct result of their pushing woke politics over the course of the last couple of years! Their stock value was cut in half since trying to do battle with Ron DeSantis in Florida! DeSantis wiped the matt with Disney, and this new era explains precisely why, and it’s one that promises to change the nation like never before!

The new Trump era is one defined by what scholars call consumer politics. Consumer politics involves customers intentionally buying from companies that promote and support their political and cultural values, all the while REFUSING to purchase from those companies that actively oppose and offend those political and cultural values. And so consumer politics involves what are called boycotts and buycotts. Boycotts are the refusal to purchase from companies that offend our political and cultural values, and buycotts are intentional purchases from companies that support our political and cultural values. Now, I bring up consumer politics here precisely because consumer politics are at the heart of cancel culture. We’ve all seen with our own eyes how corporations so quickly and easily buckle under the pressure from far left activists; remember, we went through this ourselves with the premiere of our movie ‘The Return of the American Patriot.’ We had two venues cancel on us out of pressure from a bunch of woke leftist agitators. The fuel that drives cancel culture is consumer politics, particularly the boycott side of things. But the buycott side of things is initiating a whole new economy known as the parallel economy, an economy built on consumers who no longer want anything to do with woke cancel culture!

Scholars are in wide agreement that the parallel economy that’s rising comes straight out of Cancel Culture, particularly with the banning of President Trump from Twitter and Facebook, along with the banning of Parler from AWS and the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the banning of prominent conservatives from Shopify and PayPal and the like.That was the collective catalyst for two things, first, a massive exodus of users away from traditional Big Tech, and second, a slew of investors pumping money into New Tech like Rumble and Truth Social, with an entire parallel economy emerging around them. And so, someone needed to inform AT&T that these two dynamics were going to guarantee they would lose money: the rise of a parallel economy that’s being fueled by consumer politics that deliberately boycotts and buycotts in accordance with our economic and political values, which is at the heart of Cancel Culture which CAUSED the rise of the parallel economy in the first place. So that’s how it all fits together. So unfortunately, AT&T looks like they, along with the Disney Corporation, have had to learn the hard way. In an era of increasing consumer politics, it’s better to make your peace with the growing patriot movement around the nation otherwise, you’re going to feel their sting! It is, after all, the era of get woke, go broke!