Armed Citizen Shoots Robbers in a Houston Gas Station!

A citizen shot three would-be-robbers and gave us all a masterclass on the sanctity of self-defense and the second amendment.

– Leftist governors’ efforts to restrict gun ownership and ban certain weapons are facing resistance as the era of constitutional carry rises, signaling a defeat for gun-confiscating liberals.

– Second Amendment sanctuaries, promising protection of gun owners’ rights, have emerged across the nation, with the majority of counties designating themselves as such.

– With constitutional carry being recognized in more states, second amendment sanctuaries are gaining prominence and becoming the default law, even in traditionally liberal states.

A Valero gas station in Houston has been victimized by crime several times. Obviously, the police are no particular deterrence, certainly not in the wider area in which this Valero is situated. The police are not responsible for stopping a crime in progress. The courts have ruled rather consistently on this. They’re responsible to investigate and apprehend, but not stopping criminal activity. That responsibility belongs solely to you and me.

More states are taking this safety very seriously. Florida recently became officially the 26th state to recognize and defend constitutional carry. Constitutional carry is now the dominant second amendment position in the nation, with more than half of the states adopting and protecting it.

One of the primary reasons why constitutional carry is sweeping the nation is because of the new conservative majority of the Supreme Court, which liberals hate. In June of last year, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling known as the Bruen Decision, which involved the state of New York. New York officials tried to require gun owners to show “proper cause” to get a license to carry a concealed handgun outside the home. The 2nd amendment clearly states that American citizens have the right to bear arms. We have a constitutional right to carry guns, but the Democrat monopoly in New York didn’t think so.

So the Supreme Court stepped in, and, in a 6 to 3 ruling, struck down the law as blatantly unconstitutional. The court agreed that the only person, according to the 2nd Amendment, that should decide what the proper cause is for carrying a concealed weapon is the person carrying it! That’s what ‘shall not be infringed’ means.

The Bruen decision has been freaking out liberals ever since, and that’s because it’s officially overturning all of these lower court decisions that were upholding restrictive permit requirements for concealed gun carry. That’s all falling apart now, even in the bluest of blue states. Another reason for that is the astonishing rise of what has come to be known as second amendment sanctuaries.

Since their inception during the Obama era, second amendment sanctuaries promise a haven for gun owners with law-enforcement officials promising to protect rather than violate their second amendment rights. Since their inception, second amendment sanctuaries have exploded across the nation, such that today the majority of all counties in the country have officially designated themselves second amendment sanctuaries. Nearly 2,000 out of just over 3,000 counties in the US have designated themselves pro-gun counties.

In addition, countless sheriffs across the nation have pledged to uphold the second amendment. But now, with constitutional carry being formally recognized in the majority of states, we’re beginning to see something amazing happening to these second amendment sanctuaries. They’re becoming, in effect, the default law of the land, even in the bluest of blue states, like we’re seeing with New York. Leftist governors are going to continue to do their best to harass gun owners and ban so-called assault weapons and the like. Those days are beginning to wane, especially given that the Supreme Court has become the most powerful second amendment sanctuary of them all! An era of constitutional carry is rising, and gun-confiscating liberals have officially lost!

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