Arizona’s Blake Masters is the GOLD STANDARD for Senate Candidates!

Blake Masters is running to be the Republican Senate nominee to take on Democrat Mark Kelly in the 2022 election. Between his no nonsense ads, one of the best candidate platforms currently running, and some of the best instincts when it comes to media and DNC smear attempts, many are calling Mr. Masters, former CEO of Thiel Capital, the “gold standard” candidate as 2022 heats up. Arizona, while a swing state, has become a hub of patriots standing up to tyrants who steal elections, mandate experimental vaccines, and want to push a globalist cultural and economic agenda on average Americans. Masters has stood alongside patriots like State Senator Wendy Rogers and AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward in what became the most prominent and hard fought battle for truth in the 2020 election. Masters has also campaigned with frontrunner America First Governor candidate Kari Lake and was given a laudatory shoutout at President Donald Trump’s recent rally in Arizona.

Masters grew up in Tucson and got a degree in political science from Stanford University. He would ultimately meet tech billionaire and national populist donor Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal) there and take one of his courses. The two would go on to publish a book on startups together and Masters would eventually become the President (now COO) of the successful Thiel Foundation, which has funded a number of tech projects as well as providing up and coming young entrepreneurs with the capital to drop out of left wing colleges and start businesses. Thiel has the resources, local connections, and leadership experience to not only be one of the most BASED senators in office, but to be a policy leader as well.

Masters has given other prospective candidates a masterclass in diffusing slander and attacks from the opposition. An Arizona DNC apparatchik referred to a photo of Masters taking a selfie with a supporter as “Celebrity Fascism”. Masters quickly responded with a quote tweet simply stating “cool band name”. While many still calling themselves Republicans would take the bait and go on a long winded rant about how “democrats don’t know what fascism is” or “they’re the real fascists” Masters took the intelligent approach and did not even grant the accusation the respect of a serious response. An angry leftist calling someone who supports strong families a “fascist” doesn’t need a history lesson, they need to be embarrassed, exposed as the dishonest liars they are, and driven out of power. When the left insists someone on the right is “actually fascist” you can rest assured that they hold positions despised by the uniparty currently ruling DC.

Masters is not a free-market/corporate fundamentalist and understands that our markets need protecting from the pernicious influence of China, India, and Mexico taking jobs from hard working Americans. In this same regard, he sees the amount of parents who both have to work and hopes to rebuild an economy where one income can easily support a family. He also staunchly opposes frivolous foreign conflicts that enrich contractors and military careerists in exchange for the lives of young Americans. On his website Master’s says:

“Why are we bombing Syria again? Or Somalia? Time and again, the American people have made clear that we need to end our pointless interventions abroad and focus on our problems at home. We need a foreign policy for this century: tough on actual threats like China, without trying to “export democracy” and remake other nations in our image.”

Master’s platform also delineates himself as one of the most anti-CRT candidates running, who has directly called out the growing specter of anti-white racism coming out of American institutions. Masters is running against the boring and do-nothing Attorney General of Arizona who has reneged on the fight for election integrity from 2020 and was, of course, a coworker of weak Governor Doug Ducey who did the bare minimum in resisting mask and vaccine mandates for the past two years. President Trump himself said he would “never endorse” Ducey in a future race and the same will likely go for his AG. Masters continues to rise in the polls as a political outsider and is raising more money than his politically connected opponents. Arizonans: Get Blake Masters into the Senate!