Another WOKE Media Outlet Is COLLAPSING!?

The age of the liberal mainstream media is officially over! Yet another woke media outlet is collapsing, and it’s the latest in a domino effect that is taking down the entire legacy media industry! We are going to see the latest victim of the age-old adage: get woke, go broke, and how it belongs in a growing litany of other media outlets that are increasingly going extinct!

– According to a report by The Wrap, the Daily Beast is undergoing significant internal upheaval.

– Nearly 70% of its unionized staff are taking voluntary buyouts, including several senior editorial team members.

– The ongoing struggles of the Daily Beast and other progressive media outlets are symptomatic of a larger industry-wide crisis.

The ultra-woke leftwing news outlet, the Daily Beast, is imploding. The Wrap is reporting that the leftist media outlet is, “gutting its senior editorial team after implementing voluntary buyouts last month, with nearly 70% of unionized staffers leaving the outlet.” According to the report, some major senior staffers are among those taking the buyouts, and those familiar with the situation expect upcoming layoffs later this month to impact non-union editorial staffers as well.

One person involved in all of this told the Wrap, “We’re currently watching the collapse of The Beast. There is no doubt the site won’t be able to recover from this. One of the first lessons of any company: Don’t alienate your core customer and piss them off so much they begin to call for a boycott against your firm.” So what’s this person talking about here?

It’s no secret that over the last few years, the Daily Beast has gone radically woke. They were sued for the way they ‘reported’ the Hunter Biden laptop story back in 2020. The Daily Beast was sued by the computer repair shop owner who had to close it because of all the harassment he got from liberals. He sued the Daily Beast because they claimed he stole the laptop and insinuated that the shop owner was pushing Russian disinformation.

This is what this inside source appears to mean in claiming that this implosion is the Daily Beast getting Bud Lighted. They once had a wide-ranging reader source, and they basically alienated a significant portion of those readers particularly in their defamatory coverage of Donald Trump.

The Daily Beast is hardly the only media outlet that is going through a woke-inspired collapse. ZeroHedge is reporting that the liberal journalist industry as a whole is in the midst of a severe downturn, with over 8,000 job cuts reported across the United States, the UK, and Canada in just the last year alone. The first half of this year has already seen more than 1,000 layoffs from traditional newspapers, online media outlets, and even leftist nonprofit watchdog journalism organizations like Media Matters, which had to cut over a dozen staffers and is currently being sued by Elon Musk for defamation.

Vanity Fair reported just a few weeks ago on Washington Post publisher and CEO William Lewis openly dropping a truth bomb on the whole of the Washington Post’s staff. He told them in no uncertain terms that the Post has lost their audience and no one is reading them anymore! He was addressing the fact that the Post had lost an astounding $77 million last year while also losing half their audience since 2020.

The Post is now joining the financial ruin of the ultra-woke Vice News, which officially filed for bankruptcy, NPR which has been laying off staff left and right, and CNN which has fallen to its lowest prime time viewership since 1991. CNN is experiencing its lowest audience in 30 freaking years. A couple of years back, The New York Times published its findings on the amount of job losses suffered by those who work in mainstream news media outlets.

The Times was quick to point out that these trends were happening before the pandemic. According to the Times, more than 33,000 news professionals had either been furloughed, lost their jobs, or had their pay reduced around the time of the lockdown. According to the chief economist at the job posting site, new listings for jobs in the news media fell 35% around that same time period in comparison to the previous year.

Traditional legacy news media has been in a rapid decline in audience and reach for at least the last decade. Print media like the New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times, and the Chicago Tribune have seen their readership utterly implode. Around the time the Times piece was published, The Pew Research Center reported a study that found that since the year 2008, US newspapers shed half of their employees. Newspaper circulation today is at its lowest it’s been since the 1940s. We are seeing the woke legacy media slowly but surely dying, and it was their very own wokeness that killed it!

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