Another African Coup CRUSHES the WOKE West: Macron Banned!

The continent of Africa continues to turn away from the woke West at a breathtaking pace! We truly are witnessing the world restructuring away from the post-World War 2 liberal world order and embracing instead a far more nationalist, populist, and traditionalist political order.

– Gabon, a former French colony in Africa, has experienced a military coup aimed at restoring national sovereignty and reducing French influence.

– A pan-Africanist movement seeks to remove European political and cultural influences left from colonial times, emphasizing an authentic African identity.

– These coups represent a desire for an authentic African civilization free from lingering Western colonization, as a new wave of civilizationalism rises across the continent.

The nation of Gabon, a former French colony located on the western coast of central Africa, is now officially the latest African nation to be taken over by a military coup that seeks to restore their national sovereignty and kick any remaining French influence out of their country. The Gabon Army has overthrown their president Ali Bongo, whose family has ruled Gabon for over 50 years. Last Saturday’s presidential election was highly contested, with the opposition alleging fraud and the army agreed and have officially annulled the results.

The president is now purportedly under house arrest. This Gabon coup is playing out almost exactly like the previous coup in Niger a few weeks ago. The people are greeting the army with open arms appearing to fully support the military junta, and this is because of a massive populist movement sweeping the continent known as pan-Africanism where more African leaders are calling for the expulsion of European political and cultural influences left behind from their colonial period. They are seeking instead to cultivate a uniquely African civilizational world. It’s thus no coincidence that one of the first reported acts of the new junta was to ban French President Emmanuel Macron from entering their nation!

In Niger, the military government there has ordered the expulsion of the French ambassador, who has so far refused to leave. The Macron government has ordered their ambassador to remain in Niger. In response, Nigerian officials have reportedly cut off water and power from the embassy, with no food or deliveries allowed anywhere near its vicinity. They have effectively besieged the embassy, and they’re going to starve out this ambassador one way or another. The organization known as ECOWAS, the Economic Community of West African States, under French pressure, is considering military intervention to restore Niger’s pre-coup government.

At the same time, the nations of Mali and Burkina Faso, also ruled by juntas, have expressed their unwavering solidarity with Niger. They have sent both officials and military to the country, and are openly declaring that an attack on Niger is an attack on them all. More pundits are recognizing that we are seeing the collapse of what’s known as Francafrique, which is the system of political and economic engagement that France has instituted with its former African colonies, and it’s a relationship where African nations have remained highly dependent on France. For example, the CFA Franc, which is the national currency for most of these African countries, is still printed in France.

They are dependent on a European nation for their currency, and this continued dependency is happening even if African nations are becoming increasingly independent from their former European colonizers. For example, it may surprise you that the largest French-speaking nation in the world is not France. It’s the Republic of Congo, whose population of 80 million far surpasses the population of France. Increasingly, the policy of Francafrique has been seen as a highly exploitive policy where imperialist monetary policies are seen as crippling domestic African economies. Now, as populist pan-African sentiments spread, more African populations see their current governments as puppets of these exploitive Francafrique policies.

Through their militaries, they are rising and toppling these puppet governments as what they consider to be a genuinely African expression of democratic action. They feel increasingly like their political systems are incurably corrupt, and they need true representatives of the people to bring about lasting reform. That is why they are increasingly turning to their militaries. All of these coups, as far as tens of millions of Africans are concerned, are ultimately about awakening authentic African civilization which can only happen once they finally free themselves from what remains of Western colonization. The woke West is being rejected and a new civilizationalist Africa is rising!

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