Andrew Torba: American Patriot and Parallel Polis Visionary

Andrew Torba is the founder of free speech social media service Gab as well as Gab TV, a job board for those seeking employment without vaccine mandates, as well as a developing ecosystem of online server hosting, payment processing, and independent search engines. Recently the foreign agent known as the Anti Defamation League (ADL) published a slanderous hit piece against Torba and Gab not for the purposes of “educating” but to signal to the legacy media that a new crusade to have Gab censored and investigated by the Federal Government has been called. Torba, never one to come quietly, responded in kind and made zero apologies and called the ADL what it is, “an anti-Christ, anti-American, and anti-White hate organization.” You can read Torba’s strong response in full HERE. The ADL had already been embarrassed somewhat recently when Tucker Carlson called them out for their blatant hypocrisy regarding mass migration and demographic change. The ADL uses its wealth and influence to bully and slander anyone in the West who dares use the term “replacement migration” as an evil white supremacist meanwhile they openly discuss Israel as a “uniquely Jewish state” and bemoan any influx of Arabs/Palestinians into its borders. This slander against Tucker has had little effect as he responded as any reasonable American would to such hypocritical attempts at control by saying simply: F*ck them! Torba made the point that the ADL should be registered as a foreign agent and by no means be a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. In an egregious example of how globalist power structures work the ADL blackmailed the nation of Iceland into shelving a proposed ban on male infant circumcision by stating,

“We urge you to consider the significant media attention, especially in the US and internationally, paid to ADL reports on extremism. In the past six months alone, our research and experts have been featured on CNN…NBC…The New York Times and The Washington Post. Given that 28% of Iceland’s tourists came from North America in 2016, Iceland’s standing in the US should be of great concern from an economic perspective. We are confident that the vast majority of American tourists will avoid a country whose reputation is associated with Nazism, even if that association is not justified.”

This level of blatant power projection of the global media empire is frightening. The fact that the ADL and its spokespeople can so confidently manipulate the legislative process of a sovereign nation shows the extent to which the leviathan of globalism has grown. Thankfully, however, patriots like Andrew Torba exist to tell these groups to shove it. With the Gab social media service integrating video hosting with Gab TV, the Gab News network, and the no-vax job boards, the vision of the Parallel Polis and a real alternative economy begins to come together. Andrew has been banned from all online payment processors, multiple banks, innumerable hosting and web security services and has not even thought about backing down. The “” Twitter page (a pain in the side of Jack Dorsey no doubt) states in its bio, “Our mission is to defend free speech online for all people in order to create a parallel society.” Despite his tremendous efforts and the personal cost associated with truly defending free speech online, many “conservatives” have been bullied by foreign and globalist interests into boycotting Gab. “Dopey” (as Torba called him) Jared Kushner, the known saboteur of the Trump presidency, apparently insisted that the President not use Gab in the aftermath of the events of January 6th and Trump’s subsequent Twitter ban. Texas Governor Greg Abbott also signed a symbolic “condemnation” of Gab at the behest of his Israeli donors calling the service “antisemitic” for simply not censoring constitutionally protected speech. Torba issued a scathing response to Abbott who had claimed just days before the statement to be against big tech censorship. The fact that Abbott is known to be influenced by foreign entities in this way begs the question if his inaction on the Texas border is also due to these foreign interests who have already proven themselves to be aligned with the ADL in their rhetoric and principles?

The internet is where the parallel polis will begin and Andrew Torba is both the most committed/equipped individual in that space right now and possesses the necessary ethos and fighting spirit to stand up against the powers of our current globalist regime (a cabal of private and public entities). As Torba stated in his “Parallel Society” post linked above:

“My greatest fear after witnessing the erosion of free speech and Christian values by this group of wicked people in Silicon Valley was that eventually there wouldn’t be a place for people to discuss and learn about the Gospel on the internet. They would label it ‘hate speech,’ and indeed many already have.”

So if you haven’t done so already GET ON GAB! It has an active user base of millions of patriots and our own Dr. Turley is even verified! Be sure to give him a follow when you join and make your voice heard without ANY censorship. Now is not the time to flinch at accusations of “racism” and “antisemitism”. These are not good faith terms but rhetorical weapons used to silence real dissent before it can be heard by the masses. So we stand with Andrew Torba and we stand with Gab and we hope you all do too! God bless!