Andrew Tate Converts to Islam! Here’s Why!!!

  • Internet SENSATION Andrew Tate has CONVERTED TO ISLAM and you are REALLY going to want to hear why!
  • This is about more than Andrew Tate and actually has implications for ALL of Western Civilization
  • Tate has been one of the most Googled men in the world and recently has done some very fascinating interviews!

As Andrew Tate FEVER sweeps the Internet and the powers that be do their best to censor him, he has come out as a convert to Islam! While this may seem “random” to some, it actually has broad and wide ranging implications for the future of the West and Christendom itself!

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The controversial British-American social media celebrity Andrew Tate has announced that he has indeed converted to Islam, and his reason for doing so – may shock you! We’re going to take a look at his conversion announcement and we’re going to find out why, if the western church doesn’t get its act together, Andrew Tate is just the beginning!

Piers Morgan, in his recent interview with Andrew Tate, described Tate as ‘the most famous man you probably never heard of!’ His resume is indeed impressive: he’s a former professional kickboxing champion and reality TV star, who made millions in an adult webcam business as well as casinos in Romania, but it’s his social media presence that perhaps has been most impressive. He’s gotten billions of views online; in fact, at one point, he was THE most searched person on Google, even surpassing Donald Trump!

But it was his controversial comments about women that ultimately got Tate in trouble with the woke moral police and, as a result, Tate has been banned from virtually all social media platforms! But ironically, social media has once again lit up with Andrew Tate news recently, as it was widely reported that Andrew Tate has announced that he has become a Muslim! A recent video has gone viral showing Tate learning to pray at a mosque in Dubai, guided by the renowned MMA fighter Tam Khan. It has since been confirmed in a video with Islamic scholar and YouTuber Mohammed Hijab -that Tate has indeed converted to Islam: HERE So there’s a lot there, of course but two major things stood out for me that combined are perhaps more valid than any of us would want to admit!

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First and foremost, I think it’s very important for us to recognize that Tate’s conversion is actually part of a much larger trend that is going on all over the world. While our legacy media likes to continue to peddle this nonsense that the world is getting more and more secular, the REALITY, is actually the polar opposite! The world is getting more and more religious; and that’s happening as a result of a trend, that we of course talk a lot about on this channel, – that involves nothing less than a mass worldwide return, a return that scholars call retraditionalization.

Scholars have noticed over the last couple of decades a profound trend where populations are increasingly returning to their customs, cultures, and traditions, most particularly their religious traditions as a mass backlash against the secularizing processes of globalization. And the key here is the recognition that decades of secular globalization have actually detraditionalized cultures and societies, replacing traditional ways of life with more globalistic and consumer based lifestyles. Lifestyles that are, particularly with the advent of wokeness, increasingly appearing as hysterically absurd, rationally preposterous, morally vapid, AND, with the liberal left increasingly turning to weaponized legalism and cancel culture, politically despotic!

Now make no mistake, there’s a massive backlash going on where nations like Hungary and Poland and Russia and India and even China are re-asserting their religiosity, their kinship, their national symbols as mechanisms of resistance against globalizing dynamics. So that’s the first thing to note here, but then that begs a question: Why isn’t Tate going back to his Christian roots? If retraditionalization is all about a return to tradition, how and why is Tate ending up in a very, very different religious tradition than the Christian one he admittedly grew up in? And it’s here, I have to say, that Tate is pressing on a very soft, tender part of Western Christianity that we are going to have to come to terms with at some point!

You HEARD him, what did he say? -. What turned him off about Christianity? It’s not traditionalist enough! That’s key! It’s not traditionalist enough! Now, before you dismiss that, you know, ‘Hey Andrew, Christianity’s not a religion, it’s a relationship’ and all that stuff, — you HAVE to understand what he just said there! He just said that modern Western Christianity is in effect NO DIFFERENT from the pathetic woke culture he wants nothing to do with! That’s what he just said! Modern Western Christianity is not leading a rebellion against the secular woke world, modern western Christianity HAS BECOME the secular woke world! There is NO identifiable difference between the two!

The return to tradition is a return to PRE-modern beliefs and practices that can effectively challenge and overcome the current woke insanities that pervade modern life! And Tate believes that modern Christianity, because of its obvious capitulations to secular modernity, is incapable of doing that! Now, obviously, that’s a harsh assessment; but if we’re honest, he IS making a very valid observation! Over the last century, Western secularization has effectively marginalized religious convictions and practices to the private sphere of life, the place of the personal, the subjective. And in so doing, secularism in effect erected a massive Berlin wall between our public life, which has been thoroughly secularized, and our private life. And we can see this privatization in our urban planning. For example, whether we are in the Middle Ages or in colonial New England, the church was at the very center of public life, around which the entire city cohered! But in modern urban planning, what is at the center of public life? Municipal administrative buildings and corporate centers. And if there is a church, it has been relocated into the places of recreation and consumption, next to pizzerias and dry-cleaners!

I think this goes a long way to explaining why your typical evangelical church today evidences all the trappings of consumerism, -precisely what Andrew Tate described. And this is all to say that modern Christianity has in many respects thoroughly embraced this privatization of the Christian faith. But what we have to understand is that it has done so at a terrible cost that has had dramatic effects on the nature of proclaiming truth. And this is because the public and private fields of life operate according to very different social dynamics; what belongs to one does not necessarily belong to the other. Public life consists of the objective, while private life consists of the subjective. Public life involves the obligatory, while private life involves the optional. Public life involves rules that apply to all, while private life involves rules that apply only to some.

And so, if there is such a marked difference between public and private life, we have to ask: What happens to the church when it has been so thoroughly privatized, displaced by secular values? The church is in effect robbed of the capacity to witness to truth, and that’s because truth is public, not private; it is objective, not subjective; truth is obligatory, not optional; truth applies to all, not merely some. The fact of the matter is that truth cannot survive being consigned culturally to the private sphere of life. But that is precisely what the modern church in the west has largely done! I believe, in many respects, Andrew Tate is calling out the absurdities of this privatized faith!

Now, I should note that I think that if he was looking for a bonafide Christian retraditionalization that’s really taking on the modern world; that’s precisely what we’re seeing coming from Orthodoxy today, particularly Russian Orthodoxy, that is once again reawakening a very anti-modern, anti-woke Christian public sphere! But the Western church, by and large, has yet to shuffle off this dying carcass of secular modernity; and until it does, I can assure you, those longings for a serious religious challenge to modernity will be found elsewhere. Andrew Tate is just the beginning!