Amish Farm Raids and the War on Real Food!

In March, armed Federal Marshals were granted the right to use “reasonable force” to inspect Amos Miller’s, an Amish organic farmer, farm in Bird-In-Hand Pennsylvania. In what has been a decades long fight against the USDA and Federal government’s food safety enforcement, the March raid had a government “expert” count and inspect all of Miller’s meat and poultry so as to return in a few month’s time to make sure none of it has been sold. Miller has refused to sacrifice his products organic nature to meet certain slaughter or milk pasteurization requirements. Considering that Miller’s Organic Farm is a private club that sells only to members who are fully aware of the products they are buying and are thus cognizant of any possible “risk” that could come with consuming raw or natural products, the insistence and aggression by which the feds have pursued this case is indicative of something greater: a large-scale war on healthy, robust, and natural food. Miller’s next court date regarding his charges and fines is on September 26th 2022 and you can support him HEREPrepare today, eat tomorrow! Save big on emergency food kits today with Ready Project!

Now that Amos Miller’s long war with the overreaching arms of the DC bureaucracy has become a continental story (with Rebel News, Tucker Carlson, and more amplifying it everywhere) more and more people are raising their eyebrows about why federal law enforcement is so eager to punish, fine, and prosecute simple, organic farmers selling to what is a relatively small amount of private citizens. Did you know that raw milk is illegal for purchase entirely in a number of US states, and in most states is restricted from being sold in stores? Canada has outlawed raw milk nationwide (which is as good a reason as any to try it out yourself!). Federal food regulations and contracts have entirely stifled independent producers to the point where food production is more monopolized than ever. We have an obesity and public health problem of monumental proportions and our government deems it necessary to shut down an entire private operation (that doesn’t run on gasoline or imported fertilizers and is thus immune from the self-imposed shortages of said goods) at gunpoint. Many activists and personalities (nationalists in particular) have been vocal about the dangers of industrial seed oils, pasteurization processes, modified wheat and corn products, and a number of other poisons being discreetly sold to the American people. Many right-wing dissidents have amassed resources to help those interested in resisting the globalists control of the food supply. There are websites that can locate farms/stores that sell raw milk near you, books outlining the history of the ongoing globalist food plan, and a movement of people resisting the WEF and their lackeys attempts to normalize eating insects as a substitute for red meat and other proteins!

Those readers who had the privilege of growing up in the late 20th century will remember how the media and health gurus of the time convinced the entire nation that butter as well as fats in red meat and other animal byproduct are the major things to be avoided to live a healthy lifestyle. Well now in 2022 we have the most obese society known in human history. We were having an obesity and heart disease crisis BEFORE these same elites convinced most of the population to take a heart damaging injection. As we see food and energy shortages lurking on the horizon the question of why our indebted government, that can’t control our border or record inflation, cares so much about putting the boot on the neck of independent food producers arises. The answer is that they hope to utilize impending crises to seize more control. If they control all of your food and water you’ll do whatever is demanded. As we have seen with Roger Stone and Donald Trump as well as more violent situations like Ruby Ridge and the Waco siege; the Federal Government likes to make examples of those who pose a threat or represent a group of people who pose a threat to their hegemony. Amos Miller is thankfully alive to keep fighting for what is right but let’s make no mistake…they want to send a message to independent producers: We are coming for you!