ALL J6 Footage & Pelosi Capitol Memo’s BEING RELEASED!!!

-The J6 footage will be released!

-Jim Jordan will be chairing a huge committee meant to find answers

-PELOSI is implicated in DEEP CORRUPTION regarding capitol security on J6!

Matt Gaetz just dropped the Democrats’ worst nightmare; he’s ready to reveal what they’ve been hiding for the last two years! We’re going to look at Gaetz’s bombshell announcement, we’re going to see the cesspool of corruption that it’s revealing, and make sure to stick with me to the very end when I’ll show you why the Democrats’ day of reckoning may indeed be at hand!

Florida congressman Matt Gaetz has announced that the Republican-led House will indeed release the trove of video footage from January 6th that the Democrats have been hiding for the last 2 years! Gaetz, who’s been on absolute fire since last week as he led the revolt against McCarthy, getting him to make every concession the Freedom Caucus demanded, was on the Charlie Kirk show yesterday when he said this:

I know many of you are very aware of this, but the government has thus far denied virtually everyone access to their 14 thousand hours of video footage of J6, so that we can make an educated assessment on. What Matt Gaetz referred to was the cherry-picked snippets that the now defunct J6 kangaroo committee selected to show us. That of course is very dangerous, it’s highly misleading to cherrypick video selections apart from their overall context. We all now know, in the shadow of the Covington Catholic school controversy, short video snippets don’t tell the whole story! In the absence of a longer video, we were treated to some of the most egregious headlines: like ‘Students in ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats Mock Native Americans After Washington Rally’ or ‘White Students in MAGA gear taunt Native American elders.’Now of course we all know that when a much longer video of the encounter surfaced, it told a very, very different story; actually, the complete opposite of what these headlines were peddling! It was the students who were being harassed and mocked and they were doing their best to try to quell it!

There’s an old saying in biblical hermeneutics (the interpretation of texts) a text without a context is a pretext. In other words, to put something forward divorced from its larger context only ends up being exploited by another context, one that often has nothing to do with that text! And that’s exactly what Matt Gaetz is saying here; that these 14 thousand hours of video of J6 completely turn the now defunct J6 kangaroo committee’s narrative on its head! It’s going to be fascinating to see! Now of course, this is all coming on the heels of the revelation that House Republicans have gathered a treasure trove of text and email messages showing that Nancy Pelosi’s office was indeed directly involved in the creation and editing of the Capitol building security plan that so abysmally and pathetically and, now appears to have purposely, failed on January 6th.

The internal communications were published in a report compiled by incoming Republican leadership in an effort to counter the embarrassingly partisan final report of the now-defunct J6 Kangaroo Committee.The report revealed texts from Pelosi’s staff to the House Sergeant of Arms informing officials that they, Pelosi’s team, had secretly edited the J6 security plan, and the key to these edits is that the Pelosi team had deliberately weakened Capitol security on J6, obviously allowing the riot to happen with minimal defense. Now of course this is in stark contrast to what President Trump requested. Reuters reported back in May of 2021 that President Trump did in fact originally request National Guard troops to guard and protect the hundred thousand supporters that showed up on J6 at the Capitol. We now can see that it was Pelosi and her staff that appear to have deliberately denied that request, and as a result, as the Republican report concluded, they knowingly left the Capitol building vulnerable on that fateful day! And of course, the obvious question is: why? What’s going on here? Why all this secrecy, especially against the backdrop of the now defunct J6 committee’s claim that they wanted the truth and nothing but the truth to come out!

Back in September of last year, FBI Special Agent Steve Friend filed a whistleblower complaint with the Department of Justice inspector general accusing the FBI field office of in effect cooking the books in order to exaggerate the threat of what they call domestic terrorism, using the J6 investigation as a pretext to harass conservatives and patriots in general! Interestingly, this revelation came on the heels of revelations from a New York Times reporter that there were indeed what he claimed were quote ‘tons of FBI informants among the people who attacked the Capitol.’ It doesn’t seem that we need a whole lot of imagination to figure out what’s going on here; in fact, it’s precisely what the new committee chaired by Ohio congressman Jim Jordan is going to be investigating.

The ‘Weaponization of Government’ or, as Matt Gaetz and even Kevin McCarthy are saying, the weaponization of the FBI specifically! You see, it’s this weaponization that ties everything together: the narratives we’ve been peddled regarding J6, the Mar-a-Lago raid on Trump’s home, the Hunter Biden Laptop cover-up, the collusion with social media and deliberate censorship, all of this points to an epidemic of partisanized weaponization inside the FBI! And so what the J6 committee ultimately is, or WAS I should say, is nothing more than one big massive showboating smokescreen! It was a coverup committee that deliberately, and that’s the key, deliberately sought to conceal what was really happening behind the scenes and what was happening is that our government was becoming increasingly weaponized. Weaponized against President Trump, his inner circle, and, as of J6, his ultra-MAGA supporters. Weaponized legalism effectively turns our nation into a banana republic, that investigates a person in search of a crime as opposed to investigating a crime in search of a person! The glorious news is that it looks like the veil is about to be torn on this, tens of millions are going to find out what’s really happening, and there’s nothing a now defunct committee or an increasingly defunct legacy media can do to stop it!