ADL Director’s Denial Contradicted by His Own Organization’s 𝕏 Account

Amid a PR crisis, ADL Director Jonathan Greenblatt addressed rumors during an interview. These rumors alleged that ADL actively discourages ad clients on 𝕏 due to what ADL views as “antisemitism and hate” on the app. Greenblatt categorically denied any involvement with ad buyers whatsoever. However, the situation took a surprising turn when the ADL’s own 𝕏 account appeared to contradict Greenblatt almost a year earlier when Elon Musk initially acquired the platform. People quickly pointed out these contradictions, further fueling outrage about the ADL and its nefarious intentions.

In fact, ADL’s account openly acknowledged engaging with 𝕏’s ad buyers, urging them to boycott the company.

Greenblatt’s subsequent attempt to deny involvement in the matter only added fuel to the fire, underscoring the organization’s willingness to go to great lengths to conceal their hidden interests and launch character attacks when their normal methods fail to work.

All of this played out during what many perceived as a public relations disaster for an organization known for its somewhat authoritarian religious modus operandi. Shortly after Greenblatt’s damning falsehood, an individual with apparently advanced hacking abilities leaked the complete employee list and contact information of the organization.

If things couldn’t get any worse for the ADL, Elon Musk recently announced his intentions to file a lawsuit against the ADL for what he viewed as baseless defamation of his company allegedly empowering anti-Semites and white supremacists. Musk linked nearly $22 billion in losses to their anti-𝕏 campaign, which encouraged companies to “pause” their advertisements on the platform.

Seemingly oblivious to the fallout around him, Greenblatt also alleged that the popularized hashtag ‘#BanTheADL‘ was an affront to Jewish people everywhere and led by a group of white supremacists online. However, this claim quickly fell apart as many users, including Jewish individuals like Laura Loomer, myself, and numerous others, were also advocating for the ADL’s banishment.

Nevertheless, the effort to rein in this corrupt organization seems to be gaining real traction. 𝕏 influencer Keith Woods has successfully engaged Musk in discussions about broader concerns regarding the ADL, including its reach and power, which extend beyond just the realm of just 𝕏. He has even extended an invitation to Tucker Carlson, who has also been a target of the ADL’s smear attacks, to join his lawsuit.

Preston Parra is a Contributor for Turley Talks.

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