A MASSIVE POPULIST UPRISING Against the Far Left is SURGING Throughout the Nation!!!

One of the maxims of left-wing liberalism that we have to always remember is that leftists are at war with reality! And nothing demonstrates this war with reality more than when so-called lawmakers sided with lawbreakers ­while demonizing law ­enforcement. Leftist politicians seemed barely cognizant of the fact that they championed rioters and looters at the expense of the very law enforcers they employ to prevent such social unrest! The good news is that this derelict dysfunction on the part of Democrats, this war with reality, is now catching up with the political left!

There is a massive populist uprising that’s surging across the country ready to push back the far-left! Americans have had it with all the leftwing virtue signaling and mask shaming, which of course was hypocritically discarded the moment a bunch rioters and looters start destroying our cities and our monuments! Americans have had it, and they are beginning to rebel!

Let’s start in Atlanta. In the shadow of the George Floyd murder, a white police officer by the name of Garrett Rolfe shot and killed a black man by the name of Rayshard Brooks. Many believe that the police officer who shot Rayshard Brooks did indeed have reasonable justification to shot, unlike the case with the killing of George Floyd. Regardless, the officer has since been fired and officially charged with murder by Atlanta prosecutors. As a result, Atlanta policemen are rebelling! The Atlanta police department is reporting that they are experiencing what they are calling a ‘higher than usual’ number of officers calling out of work. Coincidentally, these were officers working the night shift! To make matters even worse for the citizens of Atlanta (thanks to the leftist liberals in charge), Atlanta police officers have stopped responding to calls in three of the department’s six zones.

But what’s happening in Atlanta is just the tip of the iceberg. City police are beginning to resign en masse all across the country! At least seven Minneapolis police officers have resigned and more than half a dozen are in the process of leaving as their own form of protest against city officials that threw them under the bus. In Florida, an entire SWAT team resigned after their police chief knelt with protestors. In Buffalo, all 57 members of a police tactical unit have resigned in protest over the suspension of two of their colleagues who were filmed shoving an elderly protestor to the ground.

These are consequences for leftist lawmakers, consequences that never seemed to enter their minds when they started entertaining the notion of defunding and disbanding the police.

But this populist uprising is not limited to just police officers! In a recent survey, 79 percent of truckers say that they refuse to deliver to cities that are in the process of defunding police departments. As it turns out, Truckers Lives Matter, too! Their livelihood and their responsibilities to their families are not worth the risk of entering into cities where leftwing chaos reigns. I wonder what store owners are going to do when there are no more supplies to stock up their shelves? Do you think, just perhaps, they would consider moving out of these left-wing sewers we call ‘cities’?

Well what do you know? That’s already happening! Business owners and residents are leaving these cities in droves! Why on earth would they stay in areas where public officials were just a few weeks back arresting small business owners for trying to put food on their tables, only to turn around and celebrate rioters and looters destroying their small businesses!

And in America’s small towns and exurbs, residents are rising up and protecting their communities from this left-wing decay! A bunch of Black Lives Matter protesters descended on a small Ohio town which has only 13 black residents, only to be greeted by over 700 white counter-protesters armed with rifles, handguns and baseball bats. And a group of self-proclaimed ‘Bikers for Trump’ is pledging to retake Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone on the 4th of July, in honor of Independence Day! Thousands have already committed to going, and their plan is to show up in mass numbers and begin the process of removing the barriers that were set up by the Antifastan thugs, and return the police station back over to the Seattle Police Department.

There is a massive populist revolt surging throughout our nation. As discouraging as these riots have been and the left-wing woke insanity that’s accompanied them, we can all take heart that when you’re at war with reality, eventually reality always comes back to win!