A massive trucker convoy reportedly hundreds of thousands strong is headed to the southern border today as the showdown between Texas National Guard forces and federal agents is reaching new heights!

– Estimations of 700,000 trucks are joining Texas to hold the border and oppose Biden’s attempts to force it open.

– The southern border has torn apart the left with many voters and elected officials begging Biden to close the border.

– Trump is crushing Biden on the most relevant issues facing our nation today!

A red nation is rising from within the country. 27 states are collectively standing up to the lawlessness and deliberate incompetence of the utterly inept Biden administration. The Biden administration has released a staggering 6.2 million illegal aliens into this country over the past 3 years. To put that in perspective, if those 6.2 illegal migrants form their state, it would be the 18th largest state in the nation. It would have a larger population than more than half the states in the union.

Texas has launched Operation Lone Star, which is Texas’ special operation that integrates the Texas Military Department with the Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety to stop the surge of illegals coming across the southern border. Texas is doing this per Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution, which gives the right to every state to declare war if they are invaded or in imminent danger. The Biden administration has of course given Texas a deadline to allow federal agents access to the border so they can dismantle the barriers and razor wire that Operation Lone Star has set up.

Texas forces have thus far refused! So Biden just looks weak at this point, while Texas forces look like the heroes who are trying to protect our nation from a flood of lawless behavior. They now have 27 states, many of which are sending their national guard to help at the border. Now their fellow patriots are rising as well. A massive trucker convoy calling themselves the Army of God is leaving from Virginia Beach and heading to Eagle Pass, Texas.

They will reportedly be arriving in Jacksonville Florida at approximately 10 p.m. Monday and will go on to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and then arrive in Austin, Texas, where they will be holding a rally on Thursday, and from there, to Eagle Pass. The convoy will also visit other illegal migration hotspots as well such as Yuma, Arizona, and San Isidro, California. There are reports that the convoy is amassing upwards of 700,000 trucks, so this could be the biggest convoy ever witnessed in the nation.

This is already taking its political toll on Biden. The southern border is killing Biden politically. Trump is now officially leading Biden in the polling by more than ever. According to the Real Clear Politics average which aggregates all of the polling out there, Trump is now beating Biden by 4.3 percent. Trump is poised to win the majority vote because he, along with Texas, is bleeding Biden dry by hammering him with issues that a super-majority of voters support like closing the southern border.

70% of voters want the government to crack down and stop illegal immigration. According to the latest Harvard/Harris poll, 35% of voters rank illegal immigration as the nation’s top concern, jumping seven points since last month. The overwhelming majority blame Biden for worsening the situation. The insanity at the southern border is killing Joe Biden politically, but it’s not just the southern border.

Trump is hammering Biden on energy independence, which a supermajority favors in battleground states like Pennsylvania and Georgia. He is crushing Biden on wokeness, which even liberals like Bill Maher detest. Trump has become successful in amassing support for issues that already have a supermajority behind them. The more he does that, the bigger his polling lead grows. As the Army of God convoy rolls its way towards the border and red state governors stand with Texas forces, it looks like a great awakening has begun for 2024!

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