5 Reasons Christians Love Putin!

One of the most powerful figures on the planet today is Russian President Vladimir Putin. As so much of the West descends into woke secular insanity, many see Putin as the one man above all defending traditional civilization from its liberal onslaught. This is a defense that has attracted most especially the admiration of people of faith. There are five major reasons why Christians around the world love Vladimir Putin.

– Vladimir Putin maintains a remarkably high approval rating in Russia

– Putin’s leadership has emphasized a return to Russia’s pre-Soviet Christian culture

– Putin is praised for his opposition to woke ideologies

First, Putin is a Patriot. One of the most stubborn facts that eludes so much of the Western media is Putin’s sky-high approval rating at home. It is widely recognized that Putin consistently ranks as one of the most popular national leaders on the world stage. Most recently he clocked in at an astonishing 82% approval rating, and he ranks highest among the younger generation of Russians. When Putin came to power, Russia was socially and culturally broken. After the fall of the Soviet Union, it lost a third of its territory overnight and without rediscovering a compelling cultural metanarrative that could bind the nation together into a single, unified civilization once again, many believed Russia would further dismember.

Something far more compelling than communism which would be deeply rooted in the Russian soul would have to take its place. This is the real contribution of Vladimir Putin. He found that the way forward for Russians would be a return, a retraditionalization that would involve reawakening Russia’s pre-Soviet history of her Christian culture, traditions, and customs that would serve as the foundation for rebirth and renewal of Russian civilization. That is what has happened.

Second, the Revitalization of the Russian Church is another major reason Christians around the world love Putin. His administration has overseen one of the most astonishing Christian revivals in recent history. When the Soviet Union collapsed, in its wake, the church was ravaged. There were only about 2,000 churches left, and perhaps a handful, at most, of its famous monasteries, and only about 30% of the Russian population identified as Christians. Today, 30 years later, the church has grown to more than 40,000 parishes, with eight hundred monasteries, and innumerable welfare and educational ministries spread throughout the nation.

The most recent surveys corroborate that 70% of the Russian population call themselves Orthodox Christians, and an astonishing 93% affirm their support and respect for the Russian Orthodox Church. For Putin, the revitalization of the church was essential to realize the renewal of Russian civilization. It is the Orthodox church more than any other institution, that embodies and instantiates the timeless, eternal values that have guided Russia for the last thousand years, and promise to lead her faithfully for the next thousand.

Third, Putin is a champion of family values. Vladimir Putin has consistently opposed the legalizing of same-sex marriage in Russia and has declared that the nation is unapologetically committed to maintaining, preserving, and protecting traditional marriage between man and woman as the foundation for a flourishing civilization. Putin has made it far clearer frankly than most Western clergy that the traditional notion of mother and father has absolutely no conceivable substitute. Putin’s recent signing of an anti-LGBT propaganda law has widely been seen as enshrining traditional moral sentiments as a permanent feature of Russian law. Putin defended the traditional family at a recent conference where he contrasts Russia’s civilization project with that of a morally decaying West.

Fourth, people appreciate that he is unwoke. There is no question that when it comes to bashing the latest woke insanity coming from our Western elite, no one does it more or better than Vladimir Putin.

Fifth, the most significant reason why so many Christians love Putin is he is seen as the Defender of the Faith. In 2006 during Putin’s second term, The Washington Times published a fascinating and very revealing interview with Nobel Laureate Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, who for decades was a hero in the West for the way he so bravely confronted the Soviet Union. Returning home to his beloved Russia, he recognized that the roles were increasingly reversing.

The secular West was becoming more like the ideologically atheistic Soviet Union and Russia was becoming the new champion and defender of Christian civilization. This was in large part because of the leadership of Vladimir Putin. Solzhenitsyn said, “Though it is clear that present-day Russia poses no threat to it whatsoever, NATO is methodically and persistently expanding its military apparatus in the east of Europe and is implementing an encirclement of Russia from the south All this leaves no doubt that they are preparing a complete encirclement of Russia, which will be followed by the deprivation of her sovereignty.”

The real danger for Solzhenitsyn was that, from his perspective, Russia is all that stands between NATO and the “downfall of Christian civilization.” The first Rome fell in the barbarian assaults, the second Rome, Constantinople fell to armies of Islam, and the third Rome, Moscow, has reawakened from 70 years of communism to stand boldly in defense of Christian values amid secularism’s Western storm. Even President Asaad of Syria has described Putin as the sole defender of Christian civilization on the planet. The whole of the West has descended into woke secular insanity, and Putin has positioned himself as the most faithful defender of Christian civilization in the world. That is why so many Christians love Putin.

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