5 HUGE Concessions from McCarthy to MAGA Caucus!!!

-McCarthy may be Speaker but the power is with the MAGA Caucus!

-Some of these are HISTORIC congressional changes…

-Sets the stage for something BIG in 2024!

Well, well, well it looks like McCarthy may indeed have learned that MAGA’s best days are yet to come! We’re going to look at the Top 5 concessions that McCarthy made to secure his speakership, and we’re going to see precisely why they all indicate patriots are prepared to crush the swamp; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

Concession #5: The Jeffersonian Motion

From now on, it will only take a single congressperson, acting in what is known as a Jeffersonian Motion, to move to remove the Speaker if he or she goes back on their word or policy agenda. In other words, now all you need is a single member of congress to force a no-confidence vote on the speaker, and this is going to be HUGE when it comes to the next budgetary battle, the next showdown to raise the debt ceiling, etc. MAGA forces have been absolutely FURIOUS with the way RINO Republicans have consistently capitulated to the Democrats on spending bills over the last several years; basically giving the Democrats everything they want while leaving Republicans with the job of having to pay the bill for the Democrats’ pork! We just saw that with the senate Republicans caving in to passing that near $2 trillion dollar monstrosity a couple of weeks back! And so what Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert and Chip Roy were all demanding from McCarthy was a parliamentary mechanism that would hold McCarthy accountable to his promise not to go down the Mitch McConnell route, and sell out his constituents! And that’s exactly what they got with this Jeffersonian Motion. McCarthy now has the threat of being ousted at any time dangling over his head to keep him from considering playing nice with the Democrats!

Concession #4: A New Church Committee

A “Church” style committee will be convened to look into the weaponization of the FBI and other government organizations against the American people. I’m sure many of you remember the first Church committee, and no, I’m not talking about what’s happening over at First Presbyterian. The church committee was a senate committee formed in 1975 and chaired by Idaho Senator Frank Church, this is back when Idaho actually elected Democrats! Church was a Democrat Senator from Idaho who led the investigation into intelligence abuses going in the CIA, NSA, FBI, and of course the IRS (all the Deep State three-letter agencies!). Well we now have breaking news that Ohio congressman Jim Jordan is going to chair a ‘Weaponization of Government’ select committee that’s going to look into precisely those kinds of abuses, particularly with the aid of Big Tech! It’s being reported that the internal documents and emails that have been revealed through Elon Musk’s ongoing Twitter files are going to be central to this investigation, which of course is HUGE! Jordan has been on the frontlines of the number of whistleblowers form within the FBI who’ve been coming forward and revealing details of how the bureau has been deliberately weaponized against patriots and Trump supporters since J6, and so this committee promises some new bombshell revelations that will further expose the Deep State for the corrupt swamp it’s become!

Concession #3: Individual Budget Bills

From now on, bills presented to Congress will be single subject, not thrown together as omnibus bills with all the attendant earmarks. There will also be a mandatory 72-hour minimum period to read them! So from now on, there will be votes on individual budget bills, there won’t be anymore $1.7 trillion dollar omnibus monstrosities, every single bill will be extracted and voted on separately INCLUDING, and this is HUGE, including earmarks, where congressmen vote to approve funding for a bridge or a highway in their district! Earmarks used to be just hidden inside the omnibus package, and literally billions and billions of dollars got funneled through to various districts like that; but no more! Now congress has to vote on earmarks separately, which promises to curb the amount of earmarks that are approved!

Concession #2: The Rules Committee

The Freedom Caucus got McCarthy to agree to expand the number of members of what’s called the Rules Committee, which sets the parameters for passing legislation. The key here is that the rules committee is generally controlled by people loyal to the speaker. But now members of the Freedom Caucus, many of whom made up those 20 holdouts that voted against McCarthy, now THEY are going to be a part of the very committee that sets the parameters for passing legislation. Here’s Matt Gaetz on what he called McCarthy’s agreement to democratize power among the ultra-MAGA congressmen:

Well said! He could have added that the very legacy media that mocks the Republicans for taking days to elect their speaker is the same legacy media

that defends elections that take three weeks to determine the winner because of all the mail-in ballots! Odd, isn’t it?!?

And the NUMBER ONE concession made by McCarthy: Term Limits and the Texas Border Plan!

Ok, I know, I snuck in two there, but they’re both about limits, they’re both about voting on boundaries! McCarthy finally agreed on bringing a vote on term limits for all members of congress to the floor. And the new comprehensive Texas border plan involves completing Trump’s wall, beefing up border enforcement, targeting cartels and drug trafficking, and reforming the legal protocols for processing illegal immigrants inside the United States. So there you go; now of course, in terms of any legislation passed, it’s all DOA in the senate, BUT it does give the Republicans a very strong record of accomplishment to run on in 2024, and the oversight committees promise to uncover even more damaging revelations from the Democrats, the Deep State, Dr. Fauci, and of course, the Biden Crime Family! Let the games begin!