10 Commandments Required in ALL Louisiana Public Schools!

The state of Louisiana has just passed a sweeping new law requiring all public schools in the state to display the 10 commandments. We are going to see what’s really behind this push to retraditionalize our classrooms and why it is not only constitutional but is indeed at the very heart of our constitutional republic.

– Governor Jeff Landry of Louisiana has signed a bill into law that mandates the display of the Ten Commandments in every public school classroom across the state.

– Critics, particularly from secular and liberal groups, argue that the mandatory display of the Ten Commandments in public schools violates the separation of church and state.

– Reinstating such moral foundations in public schools will help address moral and ethical deficiencies in the education system and society at large.

A poster-sized display of the Ten Commandments is now required by law to be displayed in very single public school classroom throughout the state of Louisiana. The Bill was signed into law this morning by governor Jeff Landry. He recently won a landslide victory campaigning on restoring traditionalist conservative values to governance after eight years of Democratic-rule in the otherwise deep red state.

He said that if you want to respect the rule of law, you’ve got to start with the original law-giver. That is the view of virtually every single one of our Founding Fathers. It’s what’s known as the golden triangle of freedom. In order to be truly free, we had to be able to cultivate civic virtue because our founding fathers considered civic virtue absolutely indispensable to self-governance. In order to cultivate virtue, one has to have faith.

Our faith traditions are the timeless sources of those very civic virtues. In order to be free, you had to cultivate civic virtue, and in order to cultivate civic virtue, you had to have faith. This Triangle of Freedom is an interconnected whole where every part implies the others, which is the bedrock of our constitutional republic. This is why, back in 1892, Supreme Court Justice David Brewer declared that the United States is a “Christian nation” made up of a “religious people.” The problem is that this is an absolute affront to woke leftwing liberals. They are having a total meltdown over this and are claiming that what the state of Louisiana just did is a flagrant violation of the “constitutional principle” of the separation of church and state.

Just one problem: there IS no such principle. The phrase ‘separation between church and state’ appears nowhere in the constitution. There is no separationist notion between church and state anywhere in the constitution. Instead, by contrast, our founding fathers viewed the relationship between church and state as an accommodationist relationship where both church and state are seen as distinct and separate institutions that function together as a partnership in the betterment of society.

As we saw earlier, church and state work together so that the public square remains a space for the cultivation of what the founding fathers referred to as civic virtue. As we saw with the Golden Triangle of Freedom, a virtuous public square requires the participation of faith traditions. The 10 commandments have long been recognized as a commonly shared summary of natural law. This is a divine eternal moral law that is common to most faith traditions, particularly the Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Our nation given to us by our founding fathers was forged in the interplay between the three great classical cities of Jerusalem, Athens, and Rome. Jerusalem gives us our moral categories, Athens our philosophical categories, and Rome our legal categories. All Louisiana is doing is affirming that original moral order foundational to our republic.

Secular leftwing organizations like the ACLU may be defending something in their quest to overturn this law, but whatever it is it’s got nothing to do with our constitution. As for Louisiana, their attempts at revitalizing awareness of the moral order of our republic isn’t just going to save their public schools. In many ways, Louisiana may pave the way to saving our nation!

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