Our solution is to teach Christians to discern the myriad of ways in which we have largely accepted secular social arrangements that have in effect out-sourced the mission of the church. In our social and political life, we have been expecting the secular world to do and accomplish what only the church, endowed with the Holy Spirit, can.

We in turn provide the answers and resources that enable Christians to effectively recalibrate social and cultural life back around the shared life-world of the church and thereby enable human flourishing in the midst of a modern secular age.

We accomplish this by reaching key demographics within the Christian population: educators, pastors, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, artists, and activists with rich yet accessible content that effectively answers their questions and concerns with in-depth social and cultural analysis and distinctively Christian solutions.

While there are a number of society and culture websites, TurleyTalks is the only one that combines critical analysis with answers specific to the unique social and sacramental resources of the church. By learning to see society and culture, politics, education, economics, and the arts in relation to the sacred social order of the church, TurleyTalkshopes to inspire Christians to get involved in a number of associations, organizations, and networks that will enrich their lives and allow their faith to socially and culturally flourish.