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Hermes Bags Replica Council leader Joe Cullinane’s wife was involved in attacks on Twitter, along with his mother.Councillor Alex Gallagher Hermes Belts Replica, who accused the SNP group of holding secret talks with the Tories in the lead up to last week’s meeting designer-replica-hermes com, has branded the conduct as ‘shameful’.He said: “The SNP’s behaviour over the last week has only reemphasised why no group on the council could do a deal with them.”SNP Councillors and activists are actively undertaking a campaign of smears and lies. It is absolutely shameful that SNP members have stooped so low as to bring family members of our Council Leader into their attacks and it is very disappointing that, rather than denouncing their activist’s behaviour, the SNP leadership want to spread their own smears.North Ayrshire SNP group say Labour should be ashamed of ‘Tory alliance'”However, should we be surprised when this is an SNP Group led by the same people who stabbed their own Council Leader in the back by resigning against his will whilst he was in holiday!”And they wanted to do a deal with Labour. If they treat their own party leader like that, can you imagine how they would treat Labour coalition partners?”The bottom line is that Labour’s position was open and transparent Hermes Bags Replica.