I therefore see my commitment to the renewal of classical Christian education as part of a wider social renewal of Christian culture. I believe that a redeemed vision of education is an integral component to the formation of a distinctively Christian public which maintains human flourishing in the midst of secular modernity. To that end, I am an advocate of what I call the ‘Post-Secular Church’, which is comprised of Christians who no longer rely on or expect the secular world to do and accomplish what only the church, endowed with the Holy Spirit, can.

I have contributed this combination of in-depth cultural analysis and distinctively Christian answers to a number of organizations and networks, such as the Association of Classical Christian Schools, the Society for Classical Learning, Faith and Freedom Coalition of Delaware, the Caesar Rodney Institute, and Founders’ Values, to help them in their mission to more effectively implement constituent elements of Christian culture. As a frequent lecturer on church, society and culture, education, and the fine arts, I am a Fellow of the Alcuin Fellowship for the Society of Classical Learning, and a Member of Education Alliance Delaware and Mid-Atlantic Education Alliance.

I have authored Awakening Wonder: A Classical Guide to Truth, Goodness, and Beauty (Classical Academic Press) and The Ritualised Revelation of the Messianic Age: Washings and Meals in Galatians and 1 Corinthians (T&T Clark). I wrote and presented the Faith and Freedom Coalition of Delaware documentary, The State in the Shadow of the Church: Rediscovering a Distinctively Christian Social Order. My research and writings have appeared in such journals as Christianity and Literature, Calvin Theological Journal, First Things, Touchstone, and TheChesterton Review.

But the most special part of my life is my family. I am the husband of Akiko, to whom I have been married for only 18 years. We have four children and live in Newark, DE, where we together enjoy fishing, gardening, and watching Duck Dynasty marathons.