Jerome Harris, special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency in the Caribbean, said 52 people were arrested in Operation SOS II, and 24 were still at large, including a rap music producer and a local rap artist.The drug gangs used weapons and violence to eliminate any perceived threat from the community or to keep rival gangs at bay, officials said.”This Hermes Birkin Replica, to me, is the direction we should be going in Puerto Rico with the violence that’s taking place, and we’re trying to address that violence,” Harris said. Parents and children in at least two families were among the leaders, suppliers, drug runners, drug processors and protectors arrested.”The police [are] going to be watching to make sure those drug trafficking points don’t get set up there again Replica Hermes Handbags, but the community has to get involved and keep a lookout also so they have a hand in protecting their community,” Puerto Rico police Supt. Miguel Pereira said.Tuesday’s raids were a follow up to Operation SOS I in September 2001, when agents went after 85 people belonging to nine drug trafficking organizations in the southern towns of Juana Diaz and Villalba.

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