Immodest uncovering of nakedness is the same, obviously, whether a woman is menstruous or not; but, for whatever reason, the discovery is different in nature when the act draws upon the woman’s “blood source.” The translation of the verb (he’era) is based, amongst others, on a verse about Rachel: “And she hastened, and tapped (va’taar) her pitcher into the trough” (Genesis 24:20). If the noun erva relates directly to this similar sounding verb for “taping/drawing liquid” I cannot say for sure, though the case of the aunt makes it clear that the taping faculty of erva is not restricted to menstruation. Interestingly best canada goose Cheap Canada Goose, another very close term Canada Goose Outlet Canada Goose Sale, erya, IS menstruous: “When you were naked and erya squirming in your blood you were” (Ezekiel 16:22); “In the shame of erya, she who dwells in Zaanan does not come forth” (Micah 1:11).

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