Earlier this afternoon, I was interviewed on the Janet Mefferd Live radio show. We discussed the issue of contemporary Christian music artists who support LGBT values, and why such support exists particularly among Christian musicians. Throughout the interview, I explained the history of rock’n’roll, how it was founded in the Southern Pentecostal church but was secularized by a burgeoning music industry in the 1950s, how its original vision of redemption transformed into a call to rebellion against American cultural norms, and how its return to the church through contemporary Christian worship brought with it a number of secularized beliefs and practices. We then talked about what the church can do to address such secular residue, and realize a truly redemptive vision of rock music.

This is why Turley Talks was founded. With your support, we have been able to provide helpful and in-depth cultural analysis with hopeful Christian answers, to give Christians the information they need to make faithful decisions in the midst of our current secular age. And they are responding!

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